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{creating a monster cake for my little monster}

So, for my little monster’s second birthday she got a MONSTER (shocking) pajama party.  Complete with monster paper dolls, sock monster favors, and, of course, a monster cake!  It couldn’t be a monster party without a monster cake.

{monster cake) party

What you will need to create your own monster cake:

For my eyeballs I used photoshop elements to create what I was looking for.  I created one orange and one pink, those were our party colors.  I went with only two eyeballs for my monster; but you could definitely add or subtract from this, there are no rules when it comes to monsters! Once I was done I printed them out, glued them to some grey card stock to make them sturdier, and then hot glued them to two wooden skewers.  With them attached to the skewers I can just poke them into the finished cake wherever and however I choose.

monster eye balls

And here is a PDF of the eyeballs, in case you are interested in using them…

{monster cake} eye balls

I used a 7 inch round cake pan, you can use whatever size or shape suits you and your monster needs.  As I said with the eyeballs, there are no rules when it comes to monsters!  I used box cakes and store bought frosting because…well…baking is not always my strong suit, and, honestly, it is just simpler.  I first dyed my frosting a light pink so that the bits that could be seen would “match”.  Then I baked, I cooled, I frosted, I stacked, I frosted the rest, and then the real fun began.

I got out my massive amount of orange and pink sixlets and started covering the cake.  I started in the middle of the top and worked my way out and then down the sides.  I picked through the two colors at random, just reached in and pulled out.  You could easily make a pattern out of it if that’s what you want.

It was tedious; but, eventually, the cake was covered in the sixlets and looking like a scaly, bumpy, pink, and orange monster.  I situated it onto the platter, poked the eyes into place, and voila!

{monster cake} finished cake

There was singing, wish making, and then cake slicing and eating!

I also made cupcakes, as the cake was not very big, and I always love to make too much.  I made smaller eyeballs and hot glued them to toothpicks for the cupcakes.  The cake ones would have been oddly huge on the cupcakes.

{monster cake} cupcakes

So, what do you think?!  Did I create a suitable monster cake for my little monster?!


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