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{creating a quiet book}

So, since I was pregnant with my first child, five years ago now, I have wanted to try and create a quiet book.  I see them pop up while perusing Pinterest all of the time and think they are just adorable and fun.  However, I put it off and put it off and put it off some more.  Until I finally decide to take it on…for someone else’s child, of course.   

I started by scouring Pinterest for inspiration.  This may have been a bad life choice…SOOOOOOO many cute options!  I knew if I chose too many I would be sewing this book for the next year.  So I did my best to narrow the cuteness down and came up with ten pages, and even a cute, interactive cover too!  I drew it all out on paper and made my notes about what I needed for each page and how to execute. 

{quiet book} notes

Here is a look at my notes.  Not ground breaking or anything; but helpful to get all of my ideas on paper so I wouldn’t forget.  I tried to go with a wide range of skill levels, as Owen is turning two, I want it to be fun both now and as he grows.  I planned out a magnetic sock matching page, a clothesline page, a mister potato head page, a mister potato head’s butt flap to hold the pieces page, a taggie blanket inspired lion’s mane page, a peek-a-boo panda page, a hungry whale page, a fish bowl page, and a box of crayons chain link pages.  I did end up adding one more page not planned out here, a gardening page with onions, carrots, and beets to plant.  Why?  Because I just can’t help myself!  I did stop myself from adding anymore though… 

Then it was time to hit the craft store to get all of the necessary supplies!  I always love a good trip to the craft store.  I ordered this felt to complete my quiet book.  I was happy with the quality and the variety of colors was perfect for this project. 

Once I had all of the stuff it was just time to start sewing.  Sewing, sewing, and more sewing.  I had read a ton of blogs about making quiet books, some people used glue and others used their machines to stitch; but the best option (in my opinion) to get the look I was after was to hand stitch pretty much everything.  This made for a lot of sewing and a lot of work; but I think the end result was definitely worth it all.  After many late nights, nap times, hospital waiting room visits all filled with sewing I finished the pages!

Now, the scary part, taking the pieces of fabric and turning them into an actual book!  I put white felt between each page to give it an extra thickness.  I used loops of ribbon sewn into the seams of the pages and then a string of ribbon sewn to the back of the book that could then be pulled through the ribbon loops and tied shut as a way to bind the pages into the book.  This would also allow me to add pages later if I felt like creating more. 

image2 (3)

image1 (4)

Here is how the book turned out!  It is nowhere near perfect and there are things that I would do differently; but I am pretty pleased with it!  Especially it being my first attempt ever at something like this. 

Unfortunately for my children, I am not sure I will ever tackle another one.  They are A LOT of work and pretty time consuming.  Time consuming projects are not super ideal for a mom of two (soon to be three) very active and still fairly young children.  But at least Owen has one to enjoy!  🙂 


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