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{filling my bookshelves with the gilmore girl list}

While preparing for my move to Germany, where I would find myself far away from everyone I know and love, I was looking for ways to stay connected.  Be it Skype, messaging, Facebook, email, good old fashioned letter writing; this day and age makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with those who matter.  So when I came across the Gilmore Girls reading list I knew this would be the perfect way for my fellow Gilmore Girls lover, book enthusiast, speed reader of a best friend and I to stay connected.  And a book club was born.  The idea is to read books from the list and then have Skype dates to discuss said books (even if the book part is only a brief portion of our dates). 

We started by using the list linked above.  As we are both avid readers, it came as no surprise to us that we had already delved into a few of the titles.  We both created our already read lists, compared them to see our literary overlaps, and checked those off as finished.  The ones on her list that I hadn’t read stayed on my list and, like wise, the ones on my list that she hadn’t already read stayed on her list. 


These are the ones we could cross off right away!  It was a moment of yay eighteen done!  Only…two hundred and ninety-eight to go…but hey, it’s a start! 

Since starting this list I have done further research into it.  I came across a few blogs and lists and all of them seemed to differ slightly.  So I pulled from the different blogs and websites and compiled a new list.  It is slightly longer now; but what’s a few more books right?!

Here are links to my sources:


I typed it up, made it look pretty, printed it out, and made it into a little book…because who doesn’t want a book listing a bunch of books to read?!  This way I can carry it in my purse and any time I happen to enter a book store or the library I will easily know which books I have already read and which I still need to read.  

I have included a PDF of the list I used to create this book.  filling-my-bookshelves  It looks wonky the way it is numbered and laid out; but it worked for the way I made it into a book.


Here’s a close up of the stitched binding.

I printed out the title page.  Then all the even pages (2, 4, 6).  I then flipped the even pages over, and printed the odd pages (3, 5, 7) on the back.  Page 3 going on the back of page 2, 5 on the back of 4, and 7 on the back of 6.  Folded the pages in half the hamburger way 😉 and then I took a needle and thread and stitched them together down the fold.  Easy Peasy!


As I finish a book I highlight it in the book so I don’t forget which ones are completed!  And to make myself feel good by checking something off this HUGE list.  🙂

There are some books referenced that I will likely not read, such as The Compact Oxford English Dictionary and The Bible (sorry Mrs. Kim).  Nothing against these literary works; but if I have to trip my way through James Joyce’s Ulysses I will probably be reading quite a bit of the dictionary anyway.  However, if you decide to partake in this literary adventure and want to delve into these works, be my guest!  I included them on the list; but put them in bold (although I think I missed one). 

Now, time to hit the books!

Which cover will you crack open first?


27 thoughts on “{filling my bookshelves with the gilmore girl list}

  1. What a great idea. I’ve considered reading through the gilmore list myself, but having a friend along for the ride sounds a lot better. What are you ladies most looking forward to from the list?


    1. in a weird twisted way Ulysses was at the top of my “can’t wait” list! we are actually a couple years into this now, i just didn’t have a blog before and didn’t want to jump in in the middle. i have made it through Ulysses and come out the other side none the wiser. just kidding! it was quite rewarding. it has been fun doing it with somebody! it’s our own little book club. you should definitely start the list! it’s fun to go back and watch the episodes now because i’m like “oh hey! i get that one!”


  2. So smart. Every time I try to start on the list I always forget which books I want to start with. This will help! BTW…only a couple more days until the new Gilmore girls!


  3. What a great idea 😀 I am so excited by this! I’m impressed with the challenge you are achieving 🙂 I have read Jane Austen’s books, and David Copperfield and The Shining, I would like to read Ulysses too 🙂 It is so fun to have a list like this to peruse… I like your little book club 🙂


    1. thank you! it has been really fun to read some books i would never have read. one of the genres i have never cracked open is horror or suspense and i am looking forward to reading some stephen kind and truman capote! i have heard the shining is pretty intense!

      Liked by 1 person

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