kith & kin

{creating a nursery for our little bear}

Well, I finally did it.  I finished putting together the nursery for my Little Bear.  I feel a little bit badly about not having it done prior to his entrance into this world; but if he hadn’t decided to come a month early I definitely would have (or at least probably would have) had it done and ready for him.

Since we haven’t ever found out the gender of our babies before their debut their nurseries had to be gender neutral.  So each baby had a gender neutral color and a gender neutral theme.  Our Little Monster’s color was green with a zoo themed room, our Cuddle Bug’s color was yellow with a stars and the moon theme, and our Little Bear’s color is orange (more specifically a burnt orange) with a woodland theme.  Of course if he is to be our Little Bear he would need a “wooded” hideaway to escape to for sleep and play.

Here’s a look into Little Bear’s den…

I enjoy being crafty and I enjoy making things myself, so a lot of what is in this nursery is made by me.  I pull inspiration from other blogs and sometimes shops on Etsy and sometimes I just come up with things in my own head.

I think my favorite piece in Little Bear’s den is Figment.  What or who is Figment you ask?  Why the giant fox keeping watch over Little Bear’s crib, of course.  🙂  This is not a project that I created; but instead, my amazingly talented mother did.  I commissioned a giant woodland creature for above the crib and she delivered!  We decided a fox because it’s coloring went well with the burnt orange part of the neutral theme.  I just love him!  Not sure what I will do with a 4′ by 4′ fox when Little Bear gets an updated “big” bear den; but I am sure I will come up with somewhere to hang him.

Here’s a closer look at Figment…


Isn’t he great?!  We joked that Figment’s eye balls are as big as Little Bear’s head (premie problems).

Another favorite piece of mine if the faux bear skin rug.  I found a tutorial here and am pretty happy with how it turned out!  He is very soft and my older kids think he is pretty hilarious to roll around on and cuddle with.

One of the more exciting projects was a completely new venture for me, one that required the purchase of a brand new, fun to use tool.  Wood burning!  It was a bit nerve wracking diving into this one.  I really didn’t want to mess it up.  However, I went for it and came out the other side with two cute signs.

The first sign I was inspired by this blog over here.  I changed the font up and tweaked the wording to my liking and then burnt it in.  I also had some inspiration for the second sign found here.  Again, I changed the font up, drew different antlers, and then burnt it in.  I think for my first time ever using a wood burner they aren’t too bad!  Included here are the files of the two signs.  Feel free to take them and create your own!  { i-love-you-so-deerly  &  play-in-the-rain }

Here are a few close ups of some of the different projects in Little Bear’s den:

All of these things were made by me.  I cut some bear toys in half to make the bear coat rack.  I painted the “don’t wake the bear” sign during nap time one day.  The faux bear head mount I folded up after purchasing the template on Etsy.  And I stitched up some animal tracks to complete the woodland look.

Well, there you have it! Little Bear’s little den is all done and ready to be slept in!



A mommy can dream right?


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