{creating your own floral letter}

While creating my Little Monster’s new room for her fourth birthday I decided she needed a flowery letter A for her wall.  After looking at a bunch of options online, I decided I could make one myself completely from scratch.  This would give me the ability to control the size, the font, and the color.

What you will need to create your’s…

*the amount of these two “ingredients” will depend on the size of the floral letter you are creating.

I didn’t want a giant letter for her wall. So I picked my font and made it as big as it would go while still fitting on a sheet of 8.5×11 paper.


This was the font I went with.  I printed it and then cut it out (does saying those words out loud make anyone else think of uncle joey from full house?  no?  just me?  alright then…).  I then lightly taped it down on the foam board and used my exacto to cut around the “stencil”. 


I then took the card stock, I chose purple as that is my Little Monster’s favorite color (today anyway).  I cut it into two inch strips the long way.  I chose two inches because this was the size for me and what I wanted.  You could easily go thinner or wider, depending on the look you are going for.  I then took my hot glue gun and ran glue along the edge of the foam board a little at a time and stuck the card stock around the edge.  I left some hanging over the back and front, creating a marquee styled letter. 


One strip of card stock was not long enough to go all the way around the letter, so there are spots where one strip ends and another begins.  I don’t mind this and from a distance it isn’t that noticeable.  Now that I have my marquee letter A finished, it’s time to pick my flowers.

I plucked the flower heads from their stems and started filling in my A.  Once I had a layout that I liked I started glueing them down with my hot glue gun.  I also included some leaves in the letter as well, as a filler. 


So here it is ready for my Little Monster’s wall!  What do you all think?!  Not too hard to make right?!

I have also made a much larger floral letter since making this A.  My friends had a beautiful baby girl and I wanted to make them something for her nursery.  I created this large scale, cursive, floral L.  I love the size and, as difficult as the loopy cursive was, I love the way it looks.



9 thoughts on “{creating your own floral letter}

    1. i totally forgot! my mom actually drew the L freehand for me! because it was so large i knew i wouldn’t be able to print one, so she drew it.


        1. she’s so much better at freehand than i am! she recently made me a large cursive E too because the same friends had another daughter!

          good luck on your project! i hope it turns out well!


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