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{creating a secret hideaway book}

I was looking for a gift idea for my book worm friend and came across a few book safes.  I decided to try and give one a shot and this is what I came up with.

No worries, only an outdated Dictionary & Thesaurus was harmed in the making of this secret hideaway book! I figured since that’s one of the books from The Gilmore Girl List we won’t be reading I can at least make a gift out of it. 🙂

First, you have to gather a book you are willing to destroy, some Mod Podge, a writing utensil, and an X-ACTO.

Once gathered, decide how many pages you want attached to the top cover.  For this project I picked to have the book open to a page where the word “alter ego” is defined.  Since this is a gift for one of my bestest {nerdiest} friends, I thought it fitting that a word defined as “an intimate and trusted friend” be highlighted in an artistic way.


I stuck some popsicle sticks in between the pages I wanted on top and the ones I wanted to be on the bottom.  I then painted modge podge all over the pages’ edges to get them to permanently stick together.   I let this dry and applied more and let it dry some more.


Once it was dry I cut a rectangle out of paper and traced it onto the top sheet.  This was going to be the size and shape of the secret hideaway.  You can make your’s any size your book allows and any shape you wish. A circle might be fun; but it would limit the types of things you could stash in there.


So, here we go.  Time to start cutting.  This may take awhile…


I decided to time myself.  Because…why not?!  Almost three hours later, yes you read that correctly, THREE hours later I was over it and decided it was big enough.  Yes, that’s how I make all my important crafting decisions.

Now that the cutting is done, I painted a couple more coats of modge podge onto the inside of the hideaway and let it dry.


And voila!  A secret hideaway book!


You can just hide it amongst your books on your bookshelf and no one will know!

What would you keep in your’s?

I’m thinking my friend keeps more important things than her child’s rock collection in it.


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