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{and so she grew to five}

It’s that time of year again, January.  It is a busy birthday month in our house.  This year we first have our Little Monster turning five, followed by our Cuddle Bug turning two.  Where have the years gone?

For my beautiful, growing daughter we had a flower themed birthday this year.  She loves flowers and plants and all things that grow and all things outdoors, so flowers seemed the perfect fit for her celebration.

To pull this off I made a beautiful sunflower cake, complete with a mini blackberry covered cake and a stem.


I then set the scene with a wall covered in tissue paper flowers.


Aren’t they great?!  I almost had to break my scissors to keep myself from making more. I just loved them so much I couldn’t stop.

I loved them so much I figured I would share with you all how to create them yourself.


First step, you pick out your tissue paper.  Any kind you’d like!  These colors made up a few of the flowers on my flower wall.


Next, I cut out pedal shapes in three different sizes.  For this particular set of colors I did five of the smallest pedals in light pink.  Six of the medium sized pedals in light pink.  Eight of the largest pedals in light pink and eight of the largest pedals in dark pink.  Then a small circle in the dark blue with gold polka-dots. I then cut a strip of the dark pink and then cut into it to create fringe.


Roll up the tassel strip of tissue paper and twist the bottom of it.


Tape the tassel to the circle piece.


Take the five small petals and form a circle.


Where they meet in the middle gather it up and twist them together.  You may need to secure with tape; but most of mine just stayed with some tight twisting.


Take the circle and tape it into the middle of the small flower.

and-so-she-grew-to-five-medium-flowerMake a circle out of the six medium sized pedals, gather the middle, and twist together.


Tape the twisted small flower stem into the medium sized flower.


Take the eight large, light pink pedals, form a circle, gather the middle, and twist them together.

Tape the twisted medium flower stem into the large light pink flower.

and-so-she-grew-to-five-large-dark-pink-flowerNow take the eight large, dark pink pedals, form a circle, gather in the middle, and twist them together.


Tape the twisted large, light pink flower stem into the  large, dark pink flower.  And you’re finished!

The two layers of the large pedals is not necessary.  I just didn’t want a lot of the dark pink showing so I hid it behind a layer of light pink.

I also didn’t just want the giant flowers, so I decided to vary the sizes.  I did this by skipping some of the pedal sizes.  For the large flowers there are three different pedal sizes.  For the medium flowers I created I used just two pedal sizes.  Lastly, for the smallest flowers I created I used just the smallest pedal size.  It created a nice variation within my wall garden!  And, to be honest, the smaller ones were much easier to tape to the wall.


And because I just couldn’t help myself and I couldn’t stop making these beautiful things I decided to fancy up the middle of the flowers a bit.


To achieve this look I rolled up pieces of tissue paper.

I then used my hot glue gun to stick them into the circle of the middle of the flower.

I think these ones turned out super cute too!

I am glad I didn’t do them all this way because, let’s face it, hot glue guns are kind of the worst!  However, I am happy with the ones I did create.


Can I just keep this up FOREVER?!

To fill my wall I created twenty-seven of the large flowers, sixteen medium sized flowers, and fourteen of the small flowers.  I could have used a few more to fill the wall completely; but it was one in the morning and I was too tired to grow my garden any bigger.

What will you decorate with these beautiful flowers?!


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