{covering an ottoman}

So as I was grabbing the drill to hang a curtain rod this morning, I passed this ottoman that has been hiding in the laundry room.  Nowhere to put it; but wasn’t ready to just give up on it.  Well, my drill had to charge so I decided I would cover it!


This is the ottoman in need of some help.  We had bought it to girl up our Little Monster’s gender neutral nursery and no longer have much use for it.

I have left over fabric from my chair make over STILL so I decided to use that for this impromptu make over.


I grabbed my tools and got to work!  I used the fabric, a staple gun, and staples.  Oh, and a pair of fabric scissors to cut said fabric.

It was a really quick project!  It took less time than using my drill to hang the darn curtains, short people problems.  I just trimmed the fabric down, pulled it tight, and stapled it!


It’s not perfect; but for a half hour, no sew, upholstery project, I think it turned out pretty great!


And somehow I STILL have left over fabric!  How many projects am I going to get out of this fabric?!  I am running out of ideas for things our bedroom needs!


Here it is with my reading chair!

I can store some books in there!

What kind of spontaneous projects are you doing today?!


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