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{creating easter bunny magic}

There is something about holidays and children that just make me want to create magic, like Santa with his yearly Christmas Eve pajamas.  Well, Easter will soon be upon us, so let’s create some Easter Bunny magic!

To do this I filled our living room with Easter Bunny tracks.  I made a trail from the door, all around to various egg locations, to their baskets, and then back to the door.  Our Little Monster is too smart so I knew if I didn’t have tracks going back to the door she would assume the Easter Bunny was still in our house.

To create your own Easter Bunny magic all you need is:

{creating easter bunny magic} cut out

First, I cut out the tracks in the Easter Bunny pdf that you can have for free! (see list of things you’ll need for the PDF)  I used an Xacto; but you could just use scissors.  Cutting them out created a stencil.

Second, I put some flour in a bowl and scooped some into my sifter. I lightly tapped the edge of the sifter over my stencil and let the flour fall.

Once the tracks were filled I carefully picked up the paper and shook off the excess flour back into the bowl.

{creating easter bunny magic} literal monster

I hopped around the play room, leaving Easter Bunny tracks as I went.  The bunny even hopped on top of some toys!  Then we hopped right back out the front door.

After the tracks were all set I went around hiding the eggs and laying out their baskets.  And I barricaded the dog out of the playroom so he wouldn’t go rabbit hunting in the night.

{creating easter bunny magic} waiting

There you have it!  A quick, easy, little bit of Easter Bunny magic!

Our Little Monster thought it was so cool! She loved hopping around following the tracks and finding her eggs and basket.

{creating easter bunny magic} in & out

And since she was so literal about hopping right along where the Easter Bunny left it’s tracks I am so glad that I had him hop back out of the house.  She would have found me out for sure!

Hoppy Easter Bunny hunting everyone!


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