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{favorite blanket rehab}

How many people out there have a favorite blanket from their childhood?  I am positive our family is not alone in this tradition.  We grew up with a Gramma who loved to sew.  She started the tradition of sewing baby blankets for the grandchildren and now my mom has continued it by making baby blankets for her grandchildren.

When I was born a couple months early my gramma wasn’t finished with what was supposed to be my “official” favorite blanket.  So she whipped up a quick blanket and tie quilted it.  My mom said this took Gramma like five minutes.  For me, it took quite a bit longer, in my defense though, I did have two littles running around and a third starting to do a weird ‘crawl on his back’ thing.  Anyway, in the end, I somehow ended up with three favorite blankets from my Gramma.  However, I only really became attached to one of them, my “official” one.

{favorite blanket rehab} my blanket

As you can see, I was really really attached to this blanket growing up.  My Gramma mended it multiple times for me.  This was the best she could do with it after years and years of some serious loving on my part.

When we decided to grow our family, I knew I would want our kids to have favorite blankets of their own.  Lucky for them, they each ended up with two!  Due to having two extra blankets from my gramma and my husband having a favorite blanket from his aunt, we had enough for each of our littles.  And, of course, my mom carried on the tradition and made them each a baby blanket herself.  So two for each!

Well, our sweet Little Monster decided, in her infinite two year old wisdom, to untie all the knots that were holding her blanket together.  Because…two year olds… The batting has been balling up and getting tangled in itself ever since.

{favorite blanket rehab} little monster's blanket

It’s hard to tell in the photo; but it’s a mess!

So this mommy did some favorite blanket rehab this past week!

{favorite blanket rehab} pulling stitches

{Photo credit goes to our Little Monster}

First step, undo the twenty-nine year old stitching along one side of the quilt. (Yes I just dated myself…oh well!)  I then pulled out the remnants of the old batting and tossed them.  Then I cut a new piece of batting to size and stuffed it into the quilt.

{favorite blanket rehab} pinning

Next, I started pinning where I was going to put the ties in.  I originally wanted to put them back where my Gramma had originally tied them; but I couldn’t find all of the marks of where they had been and I couldn’t figure out her pattern.  So, I just made up my own plan and went from there.

{favorite blanket rehab} tying

{Photo credit goes to our Little Monster}

To make the ties I just went in through the top of the blanket and then back up through the bottom and tied the string into a knot.  Pretty simple stuff here!

{favorite blanket rehab} colorful thread

Instead of using the same colored thread that Gramma had used I decided to use a myriad of colors from the butterfly thread holder she had given me years ago.  I have used a lot of it; but there were enough odds and ends of colors to make it work.  I thought it was somewhat fitting to use the thread she gave me one summer sewing lesson sleepover to patch up the baby quilt she made me.

{favorite blanket rehab} sewing

All the ties are in and now it’s time to stitch the open side back up and…

{favorite blanket rehab} voila!

Voila!  All mended and ready for some serious loving from our Little Monster.

Fingers crossed her five year old self knows better and that she doesn’t untie all of the knots.  Again.


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