{manic mom-days}

{writing blog posts}

Welcome to the wonderful world of multitasking as a mom (or dad) and the craziness that ensues because – heaven forbid – you try to do other things whilst mom-ing. 

I’m a mom.  Apparently, to my adorable, lovely children, this means I should be nothing else.  Ever.  So opening up my computer and trying to type out blog posts is usually not a welcomed event.  Nor is the doing of the projects I blog about or the reading of the books I blog about or the taking of the photos of me doing said things I blog about.  This process has involved arguments, tears, yelling, whining…and the kids do things too…just kidding, I have yet to cry while trying to type a blog post. 

*queue crying Little Bear*

It’s as if he knows

Alright.  Now where was I? 

Oh right, interruptions while…

“Can I please have another taco?” asks Little Monster.

Hey, at least she said please.  Right?

OK.  I’m back. 

{manic mom-days} writing blog posts3

Meanwhile, Cuddle Bug is sticking to his (nick)namesake and this is how he spends his time while Mommy writes these posts.

{manic mom-days} writing blog posts2

Or like this.

{manic mom-days} writing blog posts4

Or sometimes both boys are feeling cuddly.

This is how writing blog posts usually goes for me.  Not going to lie, choppy execution is not my favorite way to write; but hey, a moms got to do what a moms got to do.  So I multitask.  A LOT. 

I do try to plan to type things up while my littles are sleeping.  However, we all know how well planning works when it comes to children.  It doesn’t.  Like ever.  So, I go with the flow and work when I can and try to still create some sense of flow to my posts. 

But, the crafting and reading for the blog are two totally different stories…

{manic mom-days} writing blog posts1

Now that this is all typed up, this mommy can sit and focus on cuddling with her Little Bear.  And hope that he doesn’t delete said post while I take this photo. 

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day


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