{manic mom-days}


Let’s talk about photoshoots.

And I don’t mean the take your kids to a studio, hire a photographer, spend way too much money on ‘awwww’ inducing clothes that inevitably get spilled on kind of photoshoot.  I mean those quick, little, mom grabs her camera, finds a good enough setting, pulls whatever clothes seem fitting to the “theme” from the closet, embrace the stains, drool, tears, and whatever else the child throws (sometimes literally) your way kind of photoshoot. 

I have done numerous little photoshoots with my littles.  Sometimes I get an idea and just can’t get it out of my head until I follow through with it.  However, having three littles does not make this an easy mom task. 

There are a lot of obstacles that can stand in this mom’s way.  Whether it’s a photoshoot involving just one of the kids or all three of the kids (or even bonus kids), there is always something making it just a little bit harder. 

One of my friends came to visit for the weekend with her crew awhile back.  A couple of years ago I had taken an adorable photo of our five children and wanted to recreate it with our, now, six children.  What could go wrong?!  Well, this mom hadn’t checked her camera prior to the shoot and it had a HUGE smudge on it that ruined the adorable first few photos.  Jam hands…  While I cleaned my lens chaos ensued.  Cuddle Bug did something that caused Little Bear to begin crying, so Cuddle Bug cried too, the other five year-old sat up to investigate, he laid back down and in doing so elbowed his sister in the nose, so his sister began tearing up.  And here’s mom, with a newly cleaned lens, trying to get a cute photo. 

And sometimes the chaos that a photoshoot with just one of the kids can create can be even worse.  In my most recent photoshoot with Little Bear I had to do some serious mom-ing to get the photos done with as little hassle as possible. 

The key is to be quick!  Like for this photoshoot I packed up all that I would need into the suitcase, took it with me, and then set up my photoshoot when I had a quick minute to get through it.  

Everything I needed for this particular shoot was a blanket, a pair of overalls, a bindle, a camera, and a cute Little Bear.  I set up everything I can before bringing in Little Bear.  And when Cuddle Bug and his friend came over, wondering what I was up to, I was prepared.  Instead of shooing them away (which would have been a futile venture) I included them.  I invited them into the chaos.  I had my phone and two cameras (yes, I may be a crazy mom) so I let them “help” me!  Each boy got one of the cameras I wasn’t using, and when I needed one of the other cameras I was ready to trade for it.  They thought they were being super cool and helpful, and I was able to get some cute shots of Little Bear. 


I even got a super cute photo of Cuddle Bug “taking a photo” of Little Bear.  Totally makes it worth the chaos! 

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day.


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