{manic mom-days}


So, everyone eats; but not everyone has enjoyed the art of eating with a toddler.  Or the art of feeding said toddler. 

I swear, our Cuddle Bug may look lean; but if I ate the way he eats I would be a couple hundred pounds heavier.  However, he just wants to snack.  All day long.  Every day of the week. 

We’re talking about the kid who was upstairs, in bed, when he heard mom go into the pantry and open up food, causing him to yell and pitch a fit, because he couldn’t eat what I was eating.  Seriously.  This is my life.  I can’t enjoy my post bedtime chocolate without getting scolded. 

With his snackathon routine, meal times become difficult.  For one, he doesn’t want to sit still while eating.  And two, he doesn’t want to eat (until it’s bedtime, then he wants to sit and eat his dinner). 

This is our usual dinner routine: 

  1. Mom finds time to make an awesome dinner.
  2. Mom fills their plates with said dinner.
  3. Mom sets their spots at the table.
  4. Littles sit down to “eat”.
  5. Littles do everything but eat.
  6. Littles get up from table because they’re “done eating”.
  7. Mom finally has time to sit and eat.
  8. Littles start circling like vultures and pick away at the food on mom’s plate. 
  9. Littles eat; while mom is left hungry.
  10. Everybody wins?

By “Littles do everything but eat” I mean EVERYTHING!  This includes – throwing their dinner, spitting out their dinner, sharing their dinner with the dog, littering the floor with their dinner, painting the table with their dinner, talking about how gross their dinner is, putting their dinner in their cup, and so on and so forth.

Yes, one can infer by this routine that we do not sit with our kids at dinner time.  We do at times; but usually dad isn’t home yet and mom is trying to clean while the kids are occupied.  It happens.  That’s life.

From now on, I swear I’m just going to fill “my plate” with a bunch of food, and let them feel like they are getting away with something, so that they actually eat dinner. 

And then maybe mom can eat in peace, after bed time.

Really quietly.

While hiding in the laundry room.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day.


2 thoughts on “{eating}

  1. This is my life! I don’t know how my 2 year old daughter does it. She’s constantly begging for snacks and eating. And if she’s done before I am, my meal is over. It either goes in the fridge until after bedtime or she eats it. I’ve often wondered if this is normal (it probably is). Thanks showing me mine isn’t the only one!


    1. you are definitely not alone! i feel like being able to finish your meal by yourself as a parent should be an olympic sporting event!

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