{manic mom-days}

{diaper changes}

So, I know I have three kids already, so there shouldn’t be too many new challenges for me at this point.  Or so I assumed anyway.  But we all know what happens when you make assumptions…

My new lesson with baby number three:  mom-ing while changing diapers is…an experience.  To say the least. 

When we had our Cuddle Bug our Little Monster had just turned three.  She had been out of diapers for a little over a year.  And she was happy to be mommy’s little helper when it came to changing Bug. 

So when we had our Little Bear, I wasn’t expecting any major challenges in the diaper changing department.  Other than the joys of having two butts to change, instead of just the one. 

Boy was I wrong! 

Trying to mom Bug while changing Bear has been such a crazy adventure.  Bug tries to help, he really does.  He goes and fetches diapers, emphasis on the plural.  Instead of just hurrying up and bringing me ONE, he takes his time and grabs me five…

I have learned to not take Bear’s diaper off until Bug or Monster make it back to me with the new diaper.  How did I learn this you wonder?  By getting peed on.  More than once.  Yup. 

Once the new diaper is in hand and I am taking off the dirty one I am left vulnerable.  And the two year-old senses this.  His current favorite is to climb on top of my back and yell “I got your back!”  I think we have different understandings of this common phrase…

On top of getting attacked, I have to deal with jealousy issues.  Yes, you read that correctly, jealousy, over diaper changes.  Not something I ever expected to deal with.  And not usually the ‘but I need mom’s attention’ kind of jealousy, although today Bug did try to sit on my lap to block me from Bear.  The jealousy is over the diapers!  We {mostly} use cloth diapers.  Since Bear was a premie, Gramma bought him some extra small cloth diapers and we had been using those.  Until he finally grew and became big enough for the ones that Bug and Monster had used (past tense because Bug has been potty trained since January).  Well, when I went to start using the Flip on Bear I had one of those oh so fun, two year-old arguments about who the said diaper belonged to.  *insert eye roll here*  Why do kids need to learn the word ‘mine’?! 

Well, I can’t blog and change diapers and, as always, there’s another diaper in need of changing.  And another lightsaber attack coming my way…just another Manic Mom-day!


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