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{kid packing vs mom packing}

We are about to embark on a trip back home.  It is just a quick trip, therefore not a lot of stuff is necessary.  Our Little Monster, however is staying behind for two weeks of grandparent fun! 

Packing for such trips can be…fun, or something like that.  It’s up to me to pack for myself and the three kids.  And I’m not only packing clothes; but activities and toys and stuffed animals, and favorite blankets, and toiletries, and so. Much. Stuff. 

I start by making a list and then I start pulling out the stuff on said list and then the list get’s buried under stuff and I just pack anything and everything. 

I am pretty good at keeping it as light as possible; but one of the joys of having small children is that you never know how many outfits they may need.  Some days each kid just needs the one outfit.  These are awesome days, my washing machine lives for these days.  However, the very next day could mean syrup all over Little Monster’s shirt at breakfast, juice all over the front of Cuddle Bug by 10 am, a leaky diaper on Little Bear, a mud fight between Bug and his best friend, and then it’s lunch time…  Packing for these types of days gets complicated.  Lucky for me we tend to only go places where laundry is doable. 

Now for the extra stuff.  Each kid gets their blanket and whatever their favorite stuffed animal may be at the moment.  Then there are books, cars, our Monster’s camera, coloring books, colored pencils, little animals, teething toys (for Little Bear), and, as a last resort, a charged iPad.  These things all keep the kids occupied during our road trips, which makes for happy, smooth, car rides. 

If I left all of this packing business up to our dear Little Monster, this is what her suitcase would look like: 


She thinks this is all she needs in life.  She didn’t pack a single article of clothing.  So unless she is planning on vacationing to a nudist colony, she clearly needs mother’s help.   

Since stuffed animals and animal figurines aren’t enough to survive off of, even for a five year old.  This is what mom laid out to pack {as far as toys and extras anyway, I included the necessary clothing in my bag}. 

{kid packing vs mom packing} mom

Mom helps round out the craziness.  It’s what I live for.

What are your must pack items to keep your kids car ride happy?


2 thoughts on “{kid packing vs mom packing}

  1. Lol a nudist colony

    I currently pack cars, i try to take at least 2 everywhere we go and a swimsuit because..Florida;). You never know when you will end up at the pool or beach.


    1. lol i like that! Bug’s favorite thing to carry around at the moment is his “baby”. which is a tiny goat that he calls “my baby” and loves dearly for whatever silly reason. we also usually have cars.


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