{manic mom-days}


When you have a German Shepherd, and it’s spring time, you vacuum. A lot. Like twice a day a lot.

You add two small children and a baby who spends most of their time playing on the floor and you might as well just walk around with your vacuum in hand all day long.

Our dog sheds enough fur to make multiple small dogs. Our Little Monster thinks tearing up toilet paper and magazines in her room to make outfits for her animals is neat. Our Cuddle Bug eats everywhere and leaves a trail of crumbs in his wake. And then there’s our Baby Bear, who puts everything in his mouth. So vacuuming often is necessary.

Everyone (to include the dog) thinks this chore is actually a game.

Well, maybe not Little Bear; but give him time.

I spend five minutes actually vacuuming the carpet and another ten minutes dodging running children, flying toys, a “crawling” baby, and a bouncing dog who thinks the vacuum is going to throw a ball for him or something.

(I say “crawling” because what Bear does is the strangest way to move around)


Does anyone else’s child move around like this?! No? Just mine? Sounds about right…

Well, time to vacuum again, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!


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