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{creating themed lunches}

I love to create themed lunches for my kids.  I am definitely not one to do it daily, or even weekly for that matter; but when we have a special outing planned I like to create a themed lunch to go along with our adventure. 

I have come up with a lot.  If you want some ideas on adventures with themed lunches and activities already planned out you can check out my blog post about creating themed family outings.  These are all relatively cheap outings that you can do pretty much anywhere you are located. 

I have also created themed lunches for adventures specific to where I live now (the D.C. area). 

Some places we have gone include the Theodore Roosevelt Island, The National Zoo to see the Christmas lights, The Udvaar Hazzy Air & Space Museum, a Steam into History train ride, the Postal Museum, and Dinosaur Land.  Really our options here for adventures are pretty endless!

So to create these lunches I start with where our adventure will take us.  Let’s take the the Theodore Roosevelt Island for example.  I do my research on the place, things to do their, things about the President himself, things about how we would get there, stuff like that.  I then take all of this knowledge, scour Pinterest for inspiration, and come up with some edible ideas! 

{Theodore Roosevelt Island}

This is an island with a statue of our former president, a path that walks all around it, and just a really peaceful park in the midst of a city.  President Roosevelt was a champion of nature and national parks.  He was also the namesake for every child’s beloved teddy bear.  With all of this in mind, this is the lunch we took with us on our adventure: 


We had tree and leaf shaped peanut butter sandwiches and toadstool kabobs in honor of his National Parks love, pretzel sticks in honor of his ‘Big Stick Diplomacy’, and Teddy Grahams to represent teddy bears. 


Here’s a close up of the toadstool kabobs!  They were too cute!


The kids even got to take their teddy bears along to meet their namesake! 

{The Smithsonian National Zoo}

We went to the zoo to see the Christmas lights one year.  This one didn’t take a whole lot of research, we would see animals and Christmas decorations.  This is the dinner we took along with us on our adventure: 


We had an open faced Nutella sandwich with M&M “lights” spelling out zoo, a tiger clementine, and celery sticks with peanut butter and animal cookies. 

{The Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum}

This museum is not the main one that’s in D.C.; but it’s worth the trip out by the airport.  It has space stuff and airplane stuff, and you can go up in the observation tower to watch the airplanes landing and taking off next door.  This is the lunch we took along on our adventure: 


We had star, moon, airplane, and shooting star shaped sandwiches, fiery comet cheese balls, moon & stars cheese & crackers, and a partly cloudy trail mix with blue candies, yogurt covered pretzels, and popcorn. 

{Steam into History}

This adventure involved A LOT!  This company uses a replica of the Civil War steam locomotive that took President Lincoln to Gettysburg to make his famous address.  As if this wasn’t cool enough, during the Christmas season they have a train ride to a tree farm where you can cut your own tree and get a carriage ride!  It’s pretty much the coolest way to get a Christmas tree!  This is the lunch we took along on our adventure: 


We had Christmas tree shaped sandwiches with “decorations” on the side, snowy mashed potatoes with horses prancing through it, and apple mittens. 

{The National Postal Museum}

This museum may sound kind of boring; but it was actually pretty fun!  We got to design our own stamps, scan and sort mail, write a postcard to send to a friend, they even got to pick out some stamps to start their own collection!  This is the lunch that was packed up and shipped off with us on our adventure: 

post office lunch

We had {my attempt at} a personalized stamp sandwich – by personalized I mean the first letter of the name of the kid it was for, graham cracker dog bones to keep those pesky dogs at bay while walking your route, and a red, white, and blue fruit salad.  AND, to make it all the more entertaining, I packaged it all up in a cute little “if it fits, it ships’ box!

I get a little carried away with these things… 

{Dinosaur Land}

There’s this neat little, off the beaten path place called Dinosaur Land.  It is a collection of fiber glass dinosaurs that someone pretty much has in their back yard.  Random; but fun.  This is the lunch we took along for this adventure: 


We had dinosaur shaped sandwiches, dinosaur egg (grapes), and dinosaur spikes (Bugles) all packaged and put together in a giant dinosaur egg!

Most of the things I use to create these are containers I already have (or can make a quick trip to the post office for), snacks and food I would be buying anyway, and cookie cutters!  I have a huge pack of cookie cutters (this one to be exact) and what I can’t find in here I either already own, or create myself.

Don’t these just make you want to go on an adventure and eat a cute lunch?!

It’s really not that hard!  With a bit of imagination, some Googling, and some searching on Pinterest you can easily plan you’re own themed lunch to go with your next family adventure!

The best part?  I don’t even think the kids recognize that their lunch is on theme with their adventure.  They just scarf it down.  But hey, it was cute for mom.  And it’s not like it’s a lot of extra work or anything…


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