{creating a cardboard forest}

Our Little Bear is turning one! This can’t be happening…. I may be in denial. How can my baby already be a year old?! All the usual phrases come to mind.  Where has the time gone?! Time moves too quickly.  Don’t blink! They grow up so fast. All of these apply to my current situation.

Denial or not, he is turning one, so a party must be thrown. And what does every baby Bear need? Their own little forest to scamper around in. Since planting a forest indoors isn’t really possible (and because I can’t guarantee what the weather will do) Momma Bear had to improvise. 

So, for Little Bear’s first birthday he got his very own cardboard forest.

Want to create your own cardboard forest?!

Here’s all you will need:

A pencil.


Green paint.

A paint roller or brush.

A utility knife.

That’s it!

{creating a cardboard forest} drawing

First, you take your sheet of cardboard and sketch out how you want your tree to look. The size will depend on how big of a piece of cardboard you get. I wanted some pretty big trees, so I got my hands on some mattress boxes. 

{creating a cardboard forest} cutting

Second, you take your box cutter and cut along your pencil line.

{creating a cardboard forest} tracing

Third, trace that tree onto another piece of cardboard and cut it out. This way you have a mirror image and can create one cardboard tree.

{creating a cardboard forest} cutting slit

Fourth, on one of the cut outs cut a straight line from the middle down to the bottom of the tree. On the other cut out cut from the middle up to the top of the tree. This will make it so you can slide the two cut outs together, creating a three dimensional tree.

{creating a cardboard forest} painting

Fifth, paint the trees. I did two coats of paint per side. Really it will depend on what your cardboard looked like – writing or now writing – and on the look you are personally going for. 

{creating a cardboard forest} together

Lastly, slide the two cut outs together!

And voila! You’re a lumberjack!  Or, more accurately I guess, the opposite of a lumberjack. Whatever that may be…Johnny Appleseed?  Only with Fir trees, not Apple trees.

{creating a cardboard forest} forest

Our Little Bear has quite the forest to scamper through!


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