{manic mom-days}

{throwing a birthday party}

Well, today is the day.

Our Little Bear turns one.

Technically I still have a few hours left before this is actually real. And I intend to soak in every last second of Bear being our baby.

With his birthday comes a whole lot of magic that this mom has to create (behind the scenes) whilst mom-ing. 

Throwing a birthday and getting it to maintain it’s somewhat magical facade with three little ones running around is no easy feat.

It requires very little sleep. Especially the night before their first. Last minute crafts to finish up, cupcakes or cakes to get in the oven, a birthday sign to make, decorations to hang, balloons to inflate…the list is endless. And it’s easiest to do this at night so I don’t have kids underfoot and earfuls of questions and fingers poking at frosting.

It all makes for a pretty sleepy mommy; but the birthday smiles make the sleep deprivation worth it. 

And – so far – there hasn’t been much jealousy as far as gift opening and cake eating and special photoshoots. I’m sure it will come with age.  Or maybe even today with Bug being two…

Well, I have gifts to wrap and cupcakes to frost! So there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day


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