{manic mom-days}

{feeding the dog}

Happy Monday…

When even the simplest of tasks becomes a chore, thanks to small, tiny humans.  Whom we love.  Dearly. 

Today’s simple chore to do whilst mom-ing — feeding the dog. 

Instead of this being a quick, easy task of filling the dish and being done, I am “forced” to accept help.  From the two year-old. 

We all see where this is going right?

Our poor, poor dog. 

Bug has to help me get the food bowl.  Help me open the sliding door.  Help me walk the bowl to the food bin.  Help me scoop the food.  Help me carry the bowl back inside.  Help me set the bowl down for the dog. 

Meanwhile, the eighty-something pound dog is bouncing around us whining about how starving he is. 

One two year-old carrying dog food plus one antsy, starving dog equals a recipe for disaster.  But, the look on Bug’s face after a job well done makes it all worth it. 

Why don’t I just tell him no and do it myself, you ask?  Because he’s two.  And the argument that ensues is so not worth it.  Besides…he’s just trying to be a helpful Cuddle Bug. 

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day


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