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Happy Manic Mom-day!

So I am doing something a little different this week! And I am pretty excited about it. 

I know that network marketing or direct sales are a very popular form of money making for stay at home moms or dads. And doing this whilst mom-ing can make for some fun times! I personally do not sell anything; but knowing how common this is I still wanted to able to touch on this subject. 

Luckily, I have two awesome ladies in my life who happen to love their network marketing life choices and they have agreed to write about doing this as a mom for me to share with you guys! 

First up is my amazingly talented and beautiful friend Lacey

For several years I watched beauty blogger’s, makeup YouTuber’s, followed every intriguing Pinterest makeup board, and stalked professional makeup artist on Instagram. I always thought, when the time was right, I’d do network marketing for a cosmetic/ makeup company.

I had a few opportunities to join in, but always felt like the time wasn’t right. In my mind I envisioned when the right time and the right company came along I’d be just like those glamorous ladies I’d seen and followed for years. I saw myself with a sleek background free of toys and scuffs on the wall behind me. Surely I’d have the low tempo, relaxing sound of someone like Adele playing ever so lightly in the distance. As I explained how to apply my professional grade makeup I’d toss in a fun story about my recent carefree trip to Starbucks and how the silly guy making my vanilla frap spelled my name wrong. Oh how glamorous and easy it would all be. I’d be the latest ‘it’ girl in her late 20s of the beauty blogging world. I’d sell the hell out the products I represented and every woman everywhere would want what I have. Fast forward to real time…

Well, it did happen. Kinda. Mainly. Sorta. That perfect timing and perfect company did basically fall in my lap. I have been pretty successful considering I’ve been Network Marketing for about 1.5 months. My following is growing and I do indeed have great supporters. The big difference between my fantasy and this real time reality is I’m a mom of 3 and expecting my 4th as I type. My oldest is 5, the middle 4, the ‘baby’ 2, and I’m due in a few short months.


I don’t go to Starbucks because let’s get real that place is expensive and I’m 100 percent sure my kids would break those mugs they have sitting right at 2 year old eye level. My background isn’t a soft melody of modern R & B. My background isn’t scuff free white walls with glass vases filled with fresh flowers. Instead my son is running in whipping his gun behind my head. My 2 year old is poking her finger in my fancy eyeshadow I’m trying to sell. The 5 year old is touching my face with bacteria hands. Meanwhile, I’m going on about how our skincare can fix this bacteria infested problem that just got rubbed vigorously all over my flawless makeup look. On top of all that chaos, a child inside of me is pressing on my bladder and I’m sweating in every crease possible! This is NOT what I envisioned for my big debut! It’s better!

Yes, it gets hard. Yes, I get frustrated. Yes, there are times I end my live video with a happy face and as soon as I click ‘end live’ I look at them like death is coming to town. At the end of the day I’m thankful. I’m thankful I have annoying kids. I’m thankful there are 3 little people who, no matter what, always want to be around me. Sometimes I don’t get it. Why do they want to be all up on me??? The why is because they love their Mama. They are the best and biggest following I could ever have! If everyone stopped watching my makeup tutorials and never purchased a single item again guess what I’d still have these little monsters to gaze up at me while I embrace my passion. At the end of the day they are my reason why I’m doing this. Much to my surprise people don’t mind the madness in the background because it’s real and it’s raw. To all my mamas out there, pursue your passion and take your babies along for the ride! They won’t mind.

Next up is my equally amazingly talented and beautiful friend Nathalie

See my story is a little different.  Direct sales was never in my plans.  Not even close.  In fact, for awhile I would hear about a direct sales party and would almost run the other way.  I say almost because I still liked attending the parties. So I’d go, and I usually like the products, so I’d buy stuff; but I always cringed at the “would you like to hear more about the opportunity” check box. And would make sure to clearly state I was only interested in the product. So seeing myself as a direct sales person…nope, wasn’t a thing.

So how did I end up in a DS company you may ask?  Truth is I raved about the product already, I wanted more money, and I saw an opportunity.  I also saw that jumping on the opportunity now, and being one of the first people to sell these particular products in my area had it’s advantages. So I basically saw a potential job and took the plunge.  Some people think you don’t make money and that it’s not a real job, let me bust those myths for you.

Regarding making money, I sure make it. My paycheck has grown each month. I didn’t even imagine it was possible, I just literally dreamed it. I was like OK I’m going to shoot for this super unachievable but doable thing and BAM! Honestly, I didn’t come close to reaching  it; but I went beyond what I was at and have come out further then I even imagined possible at this point. It sounds weird, but you know that saying “reach for the moon and you’ll land amongst the stars”? Well, that’s exactly it.  I reached super high and made a small paycheck at first. Hey, still a paycheck! Still more money than we had in the bank. Next month, even more! And my third month was amazing, it was life changing money.  So yeah you make money, but you gotta put in the work.

Myth number two, regarding it not being a real job, oh it’s real a job.

LOL. You try balancing – life, a 9-5, a dog, a husband, a kid, a house, and yet making sure you have time for your clients and squeezing in information you’ve learned. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a super fun job, in fact it’s one of the things I look forward to the most, but it’s still a job.


Doing a live at 5 am because that’s when you get ready for work and will have no more time. Oh and doing it somewhat quietly because your kid is asleep and can hear an ant walk across the room. Oh and wait, having your kid wake up and run around naked so you have to angle yourself so no one can see him while doing the video and trying to get the information across.  Or handing your kid your blenderful brush mid video because he insists you can’t have it, all  while trying to not lose your train of thought? You know that thing they call mom brain? Where you lose track of what you are saying…yeah it happens, all the time in my videos. But I still do them. I love doing them. I love hearing form my friends. I love sharing information. I love motivating people. That’s what changed for me. I love these products and want everyone to have them because I truly believe they are awesome. I also love other products such as my Conair Steamer I got from costco…which is why I also share that information.

So when I realized I didn’t have to be SALESY and sell products I don’t like etc. and can just be me and tell you honestly what works for me and what I LOVE and with some items I’ll get a little “tip” back and some I won’t (like from Costco, at least not yet, come on Costco, get on it)…then I’m happy. If I can in any way make your life easier, or show you something that you try and works for you…then I’m happy.

So that’s how I ended up in direct sales, I’m not a professional make up artist, nor am I sports coach. I’m just an average girl who wanted to make some extra money and change lives. If something works for me, you bet I’m going to do a live and share it because it may just work for you as well. That’s the power of social media, that’s what we should be using it for. To show people what works, so we can all be better.

Well that and for meme’s. Because let’s just face it, most of those brighten up our day.



Both of these ladies are fun to watch, give super helpful tips, and sell some amazing products for LimeLight. And they have adorable children who make guest appearances during makeup tutorials! 

Here are links to Lacey and Nathalie‘s Facebook pages where they post their tutorials, their thoughts, their giveaways, and their recommendations. 

And here are the links to Lacey andNathalie‘s LimeLight pages where you can purchase some of the amazing products they have to offer.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!


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