{manic mom-days}


Happy Monday!

You know what I miss?  Breastfeeding. 

Yes, I know, our Little Bear is just a year, so I shouldn’t really miss it.  But, when I stopped with him it was because I had to, not because I wanted to.  I wasn’t ready…

So, I miss it.  I even miss the joys of mom-ing while breastfeeding. 

You know – filling sippy cups, yielding weapons, cooking dinner, playing catch, fielding questions (to name a few) – all while breast feeding. 

I probably miss fielding questions the least. 

Our Little Monster is full of questions. 

Asks hundreds a day.

Every day.

I know, this is a good thing.  I know her curiosity will lead to knowledge.  But sometimes, I just want the endless stream of questions to stop!  And, truthfully, sometimes, this mommy does not have the answer. 

Anyway, with breastfeeding, came a lot of questions and conversations about boobs. 

How come girls have boobs and boys don’t?

So, boys have nipples and girls have boobs?

Where are my boobs?

How do you make the milk?

Why can the baby only drink milk?

The list goes on. 

It sparked a fascination with the chest region of the human body.  To this day, she continues to bring it up.  We have discussed how such topics are only appropriate with mommy and daddy.  However, she does not always remember this rule. 

We were at the zoo, watching the gorillas, when all of a sudden Little Monster yells out “MOM! The gorilla has…”, she catches herself, looks around, looks to me, and loudly whispers “NIPPLES!”  Mortified, and a little amused, I confirm her observation.  Kids. 

So, while I do miss breastfeeding, I am glad that boobs are no longer a main topic of conversation within our household.  Not that the topic has completely vanished; but it does come up far less. 

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day


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