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{creating long distance craft nights}

We move. A lot.

Yay military.

This means saying goodbye to some amazing friends. Or, in a more positive light, saying see you later. I have been pretty lucky and have gotten to see friends even after moving away! It’s definitely not easy, it involves taking trips and aligning schedules; but when it all works out it is great to see each other.

For the times we can’t make face to face time happen we call, text, Skype, FaceTime, send packages, a little bit of everything. But what do you do when you have someone you miss having days full of Pinterest projects with? You figure out a way!

I came up with the idea to get some supplies together and ship half to my friend and keep the other half for me and then Skype while we do the craft “together”.

I perused my friend’s Pinterest boards looking for ideas of what she might want to do. After a lot of searching I found one that was totally shippable and wouldn’t be too complicated for us to figure out and do whilst mom-ing. I gathered my supplies, made a test run just to be safe, packaged it up all cute and sent her her birthday gift!

The craft I picked from her Pinterest was wrapped bangles.

{creatinglongdistancecraftnight} supplies

So I found a set of bangles, some colorful string, and some charms that I thought would suit both me and my friend. I portioned the supplies out so that I would have some for me and she would have some for her.

creatinglongdistancecraftnight} packaged

I packaged it all up in this cute little mason jar!

{creatinglongdistancecraftnight} wrapped up

And then I wrapped it up! The craft was a birthday surprise and I didn’t want her to know what the craft was until we scheduled our craft date!

(These were not the actual photos of what I sent her. 😦 In the move from one computer to another I lost the original – much cuter – photos; but you get the idea!)

I shipped it off and when we finally scheduled our date she was pleasantly surprised! Or at the very least, she pretended to be. 😉 

{creating long distance craft night} skyping

Now it wasn’t as amazing as some in person crafting; but it was so much fun to sit and chat while we both worked on our projects. We both had some interruptions of the kid and husband variety; but the whole thing felt like we were back in Germany, sitting in my living room, working on whatever project had looked fun that day.

It did make me miss her more though…

Having friends all over the globe is hard.

What craft will you and your friend do long distance?!


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