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{creating a box car}

As requested by a couple of friends, here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a box car!

Sorry it took so long guys, I had every intention of doing it right away last weekend; but then…life.

As part of my Epic Last Week of Summer 2017 plans the kids and I created some pretty awesome box cars and had ourselves an indoor drive-in movie. This was probably one of their favorite things of the week!

Now, the photos for this aren’t great, step by step photos, as I had not planned on writing up a tutorial; but it’s so easy I think you’ll be able to manage with the ones I do have.

First, you’ll need to find a box that will fit your kid. I had an age range from 1 to 10 so my box shapes varied.

Second, you’ll need a box cutter to make this as easy as possible.

Third, you dive in!

Or DRIVE in.

See what I did there?

{creating a box car} lines to cut

Start by taping your box back together if it was collapsed. Then, make four little rectangle windows as shown. Next, cut three lines all the way through along the edges where the white lines are. And where the yellow lines are I only cut through the top layer of cardboard to create a perforation to make it easily folded.

Still with me?!

I promise the cutting is the most complicated thing about this project.

You fold along those yellow lines and create a windshield of sorts for your car.

{creating a box car} plate wheels

I used paper plates glued to the sides to create the wheels.

{creating a box car} cupcake liner head light

And I used cupcake lines glued to the front to create headlights.

{creating a box car} finished

And voila! You have created a car from a box!

Easy, right?!

{creating a box car} drive in movie

Now, get yourself a projector and enjoy a drive-in movie!


With this super cute themed lunch I made to go along with it!

A car shaped ham & cheese sandwich, steering wheel lifesaver gummies, popcorn for your movie viewing pleasure, and make sure your oil level stays high with some chocolate milk oil.

Hope this was helpful!

If something was confusing just comment below and I can clear it up!

Happy long weekend!


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