{creating button & string art}

It’s hard to peruse Pinterest these days without coming across both button art and string art.  So while looking for inspiration for things to hang in our bedroom, I couldn’t help but take note.  I like to use multiple mediums when crafting and decorating, so I thought of a way to incorporate both string art and button art when i came to decorating the walls. 

First, I should note, our bedroom has a woodsy-ish theme to it, as you could probably have guessed from my fabric choice for the chair upholstering project.  It started with a leafy comforter and kind of spiraled from there.  Anyway, this in mind, I went with the silhouette of a stag and a feather. 

I searched and searched online until I found the right stag image for me and what I wanted to create.  I printed the image out at the size I needed {I went bigger because button art is easier on a larger image}.  I had to tile it to print it large enough, so I just taped the two pieces of paper together.  Once my stag silhouette was pieced together I cut out the silhouette and laid it out on the canvas. 

{creating button & string art} glueing stag

Now that the stencil was placed, I began using my hot glue gun to fill in the stag’s shape with an assortment of brown buttons.  I started at the antlers and worked my way down the face and into the chest until I was done. 

{creating button & string art} half stag

It really didn’t take to long and would be a great nap time project!  The possibilities are endless!

{creating button & string art} stag

What do you think of my stag button wall art?!  He’s pretty cute!

Now, for my string art.  I figured a feather would be an appropriate choice for some string art!

So I grabbed a nice canvas, some pins, some paint, some cardboard, and, of course, some string.  I found a really neat, OVAL canvas!  I didn’t even know these things existed!  I just had to have it!  {excuse my giddiness over a canvas, it’s the little things in life}  I painted the edge of the canvas gray, which matched the painted canvas I used for the stag.  I let the paint come over the edge a bit to give it that perfectly imperfect touch. 

{creating button & string art} imperfections

Here’s a close up of my imperfections. 

My next step was to fill in the back of the canvas with that cardboard I grabbed.  This is so the pins have something sturdier to sink into. 

{insert picture of cardboard backing here}

I then began to stick pin after pin after pin into the canvas.  I just drew my feather myself; but you could easily print one out and use it as a guideline for pinning.  I think mine turned out alright though!  Once I was happy with all of my pin placements I grabbed my ball of string.  I tethered the string to a pin at the bottom of the feather’s “quill” and just started wrapping from there.  I wanted a somewhat realistic look to it, so I worked my way up the quill, branching out to create each “vane”.  I worked my way all the way up until I was at the top of the feather.

{creating button & string art} feather

Here it is!  My feather string art has been created!

What will you create with some string or buttons {or both}?! 


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