{manic mom-days}

{target trips}

Have you ever gone to Target?

With your kids?

I know, silly question.

Going to target with kids is an adventure.

Let’s face it, going ANYWHERE with kids is an adventure.

But Target has all the fun things! For moms AND kids.

There’s colorful, noisy toys. There’s new clothes. There’s big screens playing movies. There’s books with fun pictures. There’s food. There’s candy. There’s so much to look at and touch and the kids just cannot help themselves.

They see the food isle and of course they are suddenly STARVING! Despite having eaten first breakfast, second breakfast, and elevenses before leaving the house. *insert eye roll*

They see the toy section and it’s oooo this and aaahhhh that and give me this and can I have that…

Even the clothes with Little Miss is a dangerous area these days. She has started to have her own likes and wants when it comes to what she wears. She doesn’t fight me on what I pick out for her yet; but I know it’s coming.

And then, of course, as you’re in the check out line there is candy. Ugh they do this on purpose. Always one more battle before you can exit the store. Sometimes a simple no works; but sometimes it’s too close to nap time or lunch time and then the full blown tantrum happens. And you’re that mom with the screaming, flailing child whom you’re ignoring as you finish paying and aim for the door.

Fun times.

But you know what is fun times?!

Those very elusive, mythical, SOLO Target trips. This is what mom’s dreams are made of!

Aaaahhhhh aren’t those the best Target trips?

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day


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