{read-a-thon day six & day seven}

Sorry guys, it was a busy weekend so I have been bad at updating you all.

Unfortunately by busy I mean lots of chores and errands and the not so fun things that don’t involve reading. I did get some pages turned though! And I did finish another book!


I finished The Mourning Bride by William Congreve late last night. I enjoyed it alright. I guess I enjoyed it as much as Shakespeare’s tragedies. The version I own used Old English, which meant the letter ‘f’ in place of just some of the ‘s’s. If anyone can explain to me why it was just some of the s’s and not all of them please do! It made it really hard to read it. I mean, once I got into the groove of it, it wasn’t as hard; but every time I put it down and picked it back up I had to reacclimate. And I have kids, so the book gets picked up and put down A LOT.

But I finished it!

And it’s nice to know where the whole “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” thing comes from.

My Little Miss decided to play along and we got to get back to Pippi Longstocking. She says she really likes Pippi! We’re about half way through and as long as she behaves we should finish it by the end of the week.

And then there’s Mrs. Dalloway…Oh Mrs. Dalloway…

Why can I not get into this book?! It will be a struggle to get this one done in the next week. I’m not even half way through it…


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