{read-a-thon day nine & day ten}

Here is where I am at at the end of day ten…



I trudged my way from cover to cover of Mrs. Dalloway!

Honestly, I have no idea why this book was so hard for me to get through. I enjoyed the story, for the most part. I think it’s Virginia Woolf’s writing style that holds me back. This was my second one of her’s (this month) and this one also had no breaks, no chapters. And, for me, I think that makes a book feel longer.

I’d say the last fifty pages or so went much quicker than the beginning of the book. That and I just got really determined to just knock it out and be done with it.

Little Miss and I also finished Pippi Longstocking tonight! She really enjoyed the adventurous little red head with her pet monkey and porch horse.

She of course now thinks we need a horse to keep in our kitchen…

I love the little reading monster I have created. She went to bed with Doctor DolittleThe Witches, and Pippi Longstocking and she asked that her light be left on so she could read for a bit. She knows all three stories, so she sat in her bed, drawing her finger across the pages, “reading” the story to herself.

Proud mommy moment.

And then there’s The Complete Poems of Anne Sexton which I picked up this past weekend and have started. So that’s what I’ll be working on for the remainder of the challenge probably.

Unless I decide I need something besides just poems.

Which is quite possible.

Some things are just harder to read when you are constantly being interrupted by children, chores, and critters that don’t belong indoors.



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