{tackle your ‘to be read’ read-a-thon: the end}

Let me just start this by saying:  props to all of you bloggers who manage to post content every. single. day. Just trying to post updates every other day and keep up with my regularly scheduled posts was A LOT. Honestly, you daily bloggers are amazing.

Now, on to the reading.

I really enjoyed partaking in Wishful Endings’ read-a-thon!

I mean, basically my whole year has been one big tackle your ‘to be read’ read-a-thon; but it was fun to join some others for a couple weeks and see what everyone else is reading!

Not that I need to be adding anything to my ‘to be read’ list…

This Reading Like Rory list is more than enough books to keep me busy for probably the rest of my life. Man, that certainly sounds daunting.

As I said in my initial post about this read-a-thon, I set out wanting to read the following books from my ‘to be read’ pile:

And I am happy to say I succeeded in reading them all!

That’s four more books I can cross off on my list.

Three cheers for Pippi Maggie! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

I’m weird. I know.

I even had time to slip in a few other books:

I was just going to stick to the poems; but it was Stephen King’s birthday on Thursday. So, I though I might cross another of his off the list. Or at least get started It was so good I finished it in a day!

And then I had The Way Things Work on hold at my library and it came in, so I started it too.

So there’s five off my list and a good start on two more!

Here are my final stats for the two weeks of tackling my ‘to be read’ list:


I was hoping to have a big finale day; but life got in the way and then I accidentally took a nap.

Yes, accidentally.

I was waiting for the Little Bear to finally fall asleep and in doing so, Mom fell asleep.

However, overall, I don’t think I did too poorly given my chaotic life!


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