{three years into reading like rory}

OK let me start this off by saying my third year of reading like Rory was actually back in 2015. I know this is my third ‘x number of years into reading like Rory post’ in a year so I just wanted to clarify.

I didn’t have a blog when I started the list, so I thought I would just back track on my reading trail and let you guys follow along. 🙂

And another thing…

2015 was a pretty terrible reading year for me.

Please don’t judge me too harshly.

We all have our reading slumps. Right?

Mine just lasted a whole year. I was not kidding when I said reading Sophie’s Choice was rough for me. It like killed my bookworm spirit or something. And really the only thing that brought me out of it was realizing at the end of the year that I had only read THREE books!

Yes, you read that correctly. Three.


I know, I know…shameful.

Especially since right now in 2017 I am at forty-seven books for the year (and it’s only August).

Here let me distract you with my beautiful copy of Anna Karenina

{three years into reading like rory} anna karenina

See, isn’t it just gorgeous!

This was my favorite read of this year (not that it was too hard to choose). I enjoyed all three books, a lot! However, this was my favorite and I always feel a slight twinge of pride when I finish such a hefty piece of literature.

I really enjoyed Tolstoy’s writing and he kind of reminded me of a male, Russian version of Jane Austen. Which is funny because I have not been a big fan of the Austen that I have read recently. I enjoyed her in High School; but now I feel like every book I pick up is the same story just different players, creating a somewhat predictable read. Just something about the plot and characters of Anna Karenina gave me Jane Austen feels.

I had picked up a beat up copy (aren’t those the best?!) of Deenie in the free section at my library on post in Germany. It was a quick, easy read. Despite a rather heavy topic it was fun, as most of Judy Blume’s books are. I was never that huge into her growing up; but I have enjoyed everything of her’s that I have cracked open.

Girl, Interrupted was picked by my reading like Rory partner and I enjoyed the book. I had seen the movie years ago, which I seriously dislike doing; but I didn’t know it was a book when I had seen it and I didn’t know I would be tackling this list, so…it happens! I did enjoy the book more! But isn’t that always the case?

Has anyone ever read a book and watched it’s movie and then actually liked the movie more?

I’m serious! Anyone?

I will read said book and watch said movie if you have! Because I have never found this to be the case for me.

Well now that I have shared the shame of my third year into this list with you…

Here’s the lengthy list of the books that I read in my third year of reading like Rory:

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Deenie by Judy Blume

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

I solemnly swear I will do better next year. Scout’s honor.

Can I say that if i wasn’t ever a Scout?

Well, either way, after this terrible year, that is all the motivation I need to do better.

Here’s a look at my first year and my second year into reading like Rory if you’re interested in following along!

Happy reading fellow Bookworms!


7 thoughts on “{three years into reading like rory}

  1. Well, I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself, Anna Karenina is worth at least four books, I’d say. I have read a little bit of it, and I liked it, I agree with what you say about the similarity between him and Jane Austen. I was going to say he’s a bit like Dickens. There is a great sense of humour in his writing, but you have to get a good translation to capture it all. I am going to try again soon, but I’m on the final third of The Secret History right now, and after that I’ll have another go at Tolstoy 😉


    1. it was a lengthy read for sure! i haven’t read much dickens; but there’s like six on the list. i’m nervous about his because they are all so lengthy! who wrote The Secret History? i’m not sure i’ve heard of that one…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s by Donna Tartt, I don’t think it’s on Rory’s list, although I found a website which said that theoretically Rory’s character has read a lot more books since the series ended, and they reckon she’d have read it by now, haha. I’ve read Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol. They’re really good, you’ll love them.


        1. hahaha i can’t read the theoretical ones until i finish the actual ones! i have read a christmas carol and liked it, so i’m sure i’ll enjoy the others. their length just makes me not want to dive in yet.

          Liked by 1 person

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