{manic mom-days}

{being sick}

Being sick, as a mom, is not fun.  At all. 

I honestly think that moms should just not be allowed to get sick when you have kids between the ages of 0 and 8.  Maybe 10.  Or maybe just never again.  Because motherhood never ends. 

Remember those days of being sick before you had children?  When you could take a day or two and just sleep it off?  I swear, back then, I was hardly ever even sick and when I did get sick it didn’t take long to kick it. 

With children, the simple cold takes FOR*EV*ER **said like Squints from The Sandlot** to go away.  It sinks in, takes hold, and never lets go!  Probably because your children are also sick and just keep bringing more sickness into your home.  It’s fun times. 

Trying to relax on the couch?  Nope.  Here’s a foot in your face.

Trying to drink some tea?  Nope.  Here’s a bump to the arm so you spill it all over.

Trying to take some medicine?  Nope.  Here’s a hand begging for medicine too. 

Trying to get a good night sleep?  Nope.  Here’s some vomit for you to clean up. 

As a mom you are expected to run at 100% at all times.  Even when sick.  In fact, since most times when mom is sick whilst the kids are sick, she is expected to run at 110%. 

I just don’t want to be sick anymore…or ever again…

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day.


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