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{creating halloween magic}

Halloween, as most holidays in our house, have a bit of tradition to them.

This was the case while growing up too.

Like our birthdays, Halloween was always celebrated on Halloween.

My mom almost always created a theme to our costumes.

The five of us have been things like famous paintings, dinner and a movie, the wizard of oz characters, five little pumpkins sitting on the gate, and many more silly and intricate costumes.

Gramma misses making costumes for her five little pumpkins, so she has taken on the task of making costumes for the grandkids now.

My littles have been things like Little Red Riding Hood,

{creating halloween magic} little red riding hood

Rapunzel and her faithful Pascal,

{creating halloween magic} rapunzel & pascal

Charlie Brown, Lucy and little Woodstock,

{creating halloween magic) lucy, cahrlie brown & woodstock

and then this year they will be bringing their…

Just kidding!

Not letting that cat out of the bag just yet.

Stay tuned for what great costumes Gramma has in store for them this year!

Gramma is the best at making costumes!

trickortreat5 copy

I mean, let’s take a minute and just look at that chameleon! Seriously, I think this is my all time favorite costume my mom has ever made!

Cutest. Pascal. EVER.

She goes out and finds all the bits and pieces she needs and then whips up these amazing, homemade costumes for the kids.

Little Miss pretty much wants to live in her’s constantly.

And it’s fun to have the freedom to be whatever you want and not have to worry about finding the specific costume at a store or online.

What’s your favorite costume from Halloweens past?! And what will you be dressing up as this year?!


**thanks mom for the awesome pumpkin drawing for my cover photo! and for all the awesome (and the not so enthusiastically worn) costumes over the years!**


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