{manic mom-days}


Reading is a favorite past time of mine.

I do it, a lot.

Like a lot, a lot.

How do I do it with three kids (plus or minus a kid or two, or five) bouncing in and out?

Well, I read. Anywhere and everywhere.

Would you, could you in the car?

{manic mom-days} reading - car

I would, I could in the car.

While traveling near or far.

Would you, could you at a school?

{manic mom-days} reading - school

I would, I could at a school.

Because I am not a fool.

Would you, could you on a field trip?

{manic mom-days} reading - fieldtrip

I would, I could on a field trip.

While picking flowers with a snip!

Would you, could you while pumping gas?

{manic mom-days} reading - gas

I would, I could while pumping gas.

And ignore the kids who are giving me sass.

Would you, could you while trying to catch a fish?

{manic mom-days} reading - fishing

I would, I could while trying to catch a fish.

Trying to hook one with a worm and a wish.

Would you, could while during snack time?

{manic mom-days} reading - snack time

I would, I could during snack time.

The peace and quiet is sublime.

Would you, could you at the doctor office?

{manic mom-days} reading - doctor

I would, I could at the doctor office.

In hopes of avoiding any sickness.

And would you, could you while in bed?

{manic mom-days} reading - in bed

I would, I could while in bed.

Instead of resting my head.

Can you tell I read a lot of Dr. Seuss?

Basically, even if it is just for a couple minutes at a red light or while I’m pumping gas or in between ‘Look at me!’s while playing outside, I make the conscious effort to pick up my book and read. Every little bit adds up to a great deal of reading.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day.

Now, go and take a look for a really good book.



8 thoughts on “{reading}

    1. i will read just about anything! currently working my way through the gilmore girl list which pretty much has a little bit of everything on it. how about you?

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      1. I enjoy reading romance, mystery and direct sales books the most, but like you I will read about anything! I am currently reading (OH no, I am drawing a blank on the name), but its a book that one of my patients (I work at a doctors office) has written.


        1. well, that’s super cool! i’m sticking to a spooky, nursery theme this month. i finished in cold blood this morning and am now starting r is for ricochet by sue grafton.

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