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{creating kindness}

Does anyone else find the whole Elf on the Shelf kind of, a little bit, 100% creepy?!

I mean he looks creepy, he’s supposedly watching you, and he does naughty things. Why is this a good tradition?

I decided to help create kindness within my littles and introduced three Swedish Kindness Elves into our home. Because in a world so full of hate and turmoil teaching them how to be kind to their family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers is important. Do not underestimate the huge impact a small thing can create. Little Miss still brings up the fact that some people are less fortunate and without homes because of these Kindness Elves. She may not fully grasp the concept yet; but why not start now? Why not teach your littles to brighten up someone’s day just by a simple gesture?

That being said, meet Sindri, Tomte, and Frigg. Our family’s Kindness Elves.

I am pretty sure I happened upon them **like magic** in a HomeGoods or TJ Maxx or something. However, if you look around it’s not hard to find a million of these cute little elves.

If I didn’t already have three (one for each little) I would totally add this guy to our family…

because isn’t he just adorable?!

Seriously. I need to stop looking up elves or I am going to have a house full of these kind, little helpers.

{creating kindness} welcome

This is how we introduced them to the littles Little Miss (since Bug was too little to notice & Bear wasn’t actually around yet). No mention of them creepily watching you and reporting back to the Big Guy at the North Pole. And they aren’t here to cause trouble. Because honestly, little kids do not need naughty elves to give them naughty ideas so that they can go to bed with visions of evil schemes dancing through their heads. They come up with this stuff well enough on their own.

Just three cute little elves here to create some holiday magic!

And they came in with a twinkle and magically filled their Christmas calendar too!

This mom loves her holiday magic! Or really just any magic for that matter.

What I love about this is that you can do it every day (like we did the first year) or just randomly throughout the month of December. It’s up to you!

The first year, I set something up for every day of December leading up to Christmas. However, the second year, Little Miss had started school and wasn’t available to do these things during the day, so I set up about twelve to do throughout the month.

Don’t think that just because these elves aren’t naughty doesn’t mean you cant have a cute, silly setup!

2015kindness9 copy

The silly Kindness Elves got out all the ingredients for us to bake cookies for the neighbors. They just forgot which kitchen was the real one!

I have even used a stop motion program to create a video of The Kindness Elves dancing and telling the littles to make a fun Happy Birthday dance video for one of their aunts.

Little Miss watched that over and over and over again!

Another thing I love about this is that they can be crazy involved or super simple!

We did one where we went and collected things like mittens and hand sanitizer and little snacks and a McDonald’s gift card and put it all into a bag to give to a homeless veteran that we passed every week on our way to the Zoo.

2015kindness67 copy

However, we also did things like have Little Miss build a tower of blocks for her baby Bug to knock over.

2015kindness47 copy

The Kindness Elves also did things like ‘give your brother a hug’.

2015kindness57 copy

AND because we are a military family and we have loved ones all over the map, we did one where Little Miss was traced with her arms outstretched (as if about to hug someone) and then we mailed it to her best friend.

{creating kindness} reading

The nerd in me of course had to include reading with kindness! Little Miss was to sit and read to Cuddle Bug.


Little Miss and Cuddle Bug both took their circle time duties pretty seriously.

{creating kindness} family dinner

I even used things that I would have to do anyway; but things I don’t necessarily let them help out with regularly. Like making dinner as a family.

{creating kindness} tree cutting

Or taking things we were going to do as a family anyway and using them as an example of kindness. Such as, helping mom and dad hunt for the perfect Christmas tree.

2015kindness22 copy

And helping mom and dad decorate said tree.

We have gone on a litter walk and picked up trash while walking through the neighborhood, we have handed candy canes to strangers with a smile, we hid happy notes in library books, and so much more.

Really the options are limitless!

It’s so easy to come up with ways to be kind to others. And I love being able to teach them to be kind in big ways and in small ways. Sometimes those small ways mean a whole lot.

What would your Kindness Elves be named?! And what would they have you doing in the month of December?!


Fun story:  So I had pulled out the elves to take the title photo for this post and forgot to put them away before Little Miss got home from school. #momfail She comes bursting out of the house full of excitement because “The Kindness Elves are back! The Kindness Elves are back!” and promptly asks what they brought or did…I stood there trying to figure out what to say when I remembered I had moved her bed into Cuddle Bug’s room so they could share because they have been asking and asking to share for months. #momforthewin


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