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{creating new year’s eve fun}

Are you looking forward to 2018?!

Want some fun ways to count down to the new year with your kids?!

Here are five fun ways you can celebrate New Year’s Eve with your little ones.

In the past I have done some of these with my little ones. I don’t let them stay up until midnight; but they have celebrated a countdown to a pretend midnight.

{creating new years fun} 1


Count down the hours by doing a fun activity every hour before the New Year.

Every hour until your designated midnight you can plan something fun for your little ones to do. I wrote the activities down and put them inside blown up balloons! So every hour we would POP a balloon and learn what the next activity was.

{creating new year's eve fun} balloon pop

Going through all of these old photos of Little Miss to find the right ones may be making me want to cry. Why is she almost six now?! Just kidding. Not getting emotional over here.

In it could be any number of activities and they would very to cover any age group…

  • Turn up the music and have a fun dance party!
  • Make a silly snack to eat at midnight!
  • Make a box car and have a drive in movie!
  • Give each other a make over!
  • Paint mom’s toe nails!
  • Play dress up!
  • Story time with your stuffed animals!

You could do anything!

{creating new years fun} 2


You could bring in the New Year with a bath tub balloon drop!

Tape the shower curtain up to form a bowl and fill it with balloons. While your little is in the tub you can count down from ten together and then pull the tape off and watch the balloons float down.

{creating new year's eve fun} balloon drop

This one was a big hit with our Little Miss!

{creating new years fun} 3


Create a fun photo booth and document yourselves bringing in the new year with fun, quirky photographs of you littles.

You can get all dressed up or wear silly outfits or don crazy hair or use silly props and let the camera capture the silliness.

You can spend the night creating your own props to use.

{creating new year's eve fun} photobooth

We made our own frame and filled balloons with glitter to be popped while celebrating!

{creating new years fun} 4


Do some reminiscing and create a time capsule in a jar of all your favorite memories from the past year.

Ask your kids what they remember most or what they loved to do the most or any such questions. Write their responses on paper (be sure to include who said what!) and then put the pieces of paper into a jar or container of sorts.

Then next year when you’re reminiscing about 2018 you can go through the 2017 jar and read all the fun memories you recorded.

You could empty the jar every year to fill it with new memories. You could write the name and year on each memory and then just add to your memories every year. You could collect jars for each year.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just that you have fun with it!

{creating new years fun} 5


Help your littles write down their New Year’s resolutions on a piece of paper and hang them up somewhere so remind them.

You may need to explain what exactly a resolution is (depending on how young your littles are); but you can help them figure it out and write it down on a piece of paper.

You can talk about why they chose this and how they might achieve their goal.

Well, there are my five fun ways to celebrate 2018!

What have you done with your littles?!

What will you do this year?!


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