{manic mom-days}

{being kind}

Another holiday themed Manic Mom-day!

A big thing we like to think about this time of year is being kind to others.

I’d like to think that we are always thinking about being kind to others; but this time of year seems to really bring it to the forefront.

Being kind to others whilst mom-ing is probably the best way to teach our children that kindness matters and that other people matter.

You can read here about how I invited these cute Kindness Elves into my home to help us find fun ways to show others that we care.

Doing these activities with my kids can be a tad stressful; but the joy trumps the stress so that’s what matters.

Trying to find activities that fit all the ages of my kids or that I will have time to do with our Little Miss while Bug and Bear are distracted can be complicated. But we make it through!

Little Miss loves doing these things and she talks about it all year long.

Sometimes she gets antsy and just wants to rush through the activities and sometimes Bug just rather not do them at all that day and sometimes Bear will be crying while Mommy and Little Miss and Cuddle Bug are quickly trying to finish a project up. Or sometimes little ones will try to be sneaky and catch Mommy placing the elves in new places the Kindness Elves moving around at night.

It’s definitely something that is worth the effort though!

Teaching kindness is important.

Well, I’m off to move the elves around, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!


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