{creating personalized bunting}

If you shop at Target we can’t be friends if you don’t shop at Target then you have probably seen in their dollar section that they have little bunting kits. They supply the string and the decorative pieces of fabric with two holes cut along the top. You take it home, thread the string through the holes, hang it on your wall and voila!

Well, what if you want to personalize the bunting?

Lucky for you I know just the trick!

Things you will need…

Figure out what you want the bunting to say or what pictures you want to paint on it. Print out whatever images or font you need.

{creating personalized bunting} printing

Once printed take your pencil and rub the graphite all over the back side of the paper.

{crating personalized bunting} pencil rubbing

Then put the paper graphite side down onto your fabric and trace around the shape of the letter or picture you are wanting to paint so that it leaves a faint, graphite line on the fabric.

{creating personalized bunting} outline

It should look like this. Then you want to grab your paint brush and whatever paint colors you need and start filling in your tracing. Before painting I taped the fabric to a piece of paper just to be sure paint wouldn’t seep through onto my kitchen table.

{craeting personalized bunting} taped down

Then I got to work painting.

{creating personalized bunting} painting

And voila! A super cute and inexpensive bunting to hang in your house!

{creating personalized bunting} finished

Such a simple project. My favorite kind.

What would you paint on your’s?! And where will you hang it?!


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