{manic mom-days}

{kids with close birthdays}

**i am a little bit sad about being back to the non holiday title photo 😦 i really like the sparkly lights**

I don’t know if you know this about me or not; buuuuut…


Like LOVE birthdays.

What I don’t love is having two birthdays a week apart.

Creating so much birthday magic is amazing; but doing it twice in one week is rather exhausting. Although I shouldn’t complain too much because my mom had it worse – my sister and I have birthdays that are three days apart.

If you’re reading this mom know that we totally appreciate you and all the things you did to keep our birthdays a separate affair. I think out of almost twenty-six years of close birthdays we had a shared party twice. Once, because we were in the middle of gutting a house and staying with my aunt. And another time like three years ago because I road tripped home for twenty-four hours of birthday fun with my little sister. So that was more us, and less my mom. 🙂 SOOOO, my point here, thank you mom for being awesome!

**if i thank you that means my kids will one day realize what i did for them and thank me? right?**

AND it could have been worse for me! Cuddle Bug was actually due to arrive on Little Miss’s birthday! Although I had decided there was absolutely no way this was happening. No way. Because, you know, one can control that sort of thing…

I’ll take the sleep deprivation, the cake on cake on cake, the popping balloons, the multiple grocery store runs for things forgotten, I’ll take all of it just to see all the smiles.

I’ll just catch up on sleep when they’re older. Right?

That’s a thing?


Well, I have a birthday to clean up after and another to prepare for. So there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!

What are your birthday traditions?! Do your kids have close birthdays too?!


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