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{creating a birthday adventure}

Hey it’s January, so that must mean another birthday related post! Check out last year’s amazing birthday party for our Little Miss here and this post about creating birthday magic here.

Birthdays are kind of a big deal in this house. So, you all get to suffer through yet another birthday related post. And I’m not even a little bit sorry about it.

In lieu of a birthday party for our Little Miss this year we opted for a fun filled adventure!

Having just moved to Georgia last month it was just going to be us eating cake and ice cream anyway, so we thought why not go on a family adventure?!

For our curious, adventurous, animal lover Little Miss we decided to head to the Georgia Aquarium!

*insert fishy everything here!*

To make a birthday on the go work this mom had to get creative. After all, traveling with a hidden party in your car is no easy feat.

First step, purchase the tickets for the aquarium. Luckily, for us, two of our littles qualified for their 2 and under are free rate. And the birthday girl actually got a complimentary ticket since we went on her actual birthday! Score for always celebrating birthdays on the actual birthday! We’ll ignore the fact that her birthday was helpfully on a Saturday this year. So, we had two adults to buy tickets for. Which made it not as expensive… This aquarium is not cheap guys. But, oh so worth it!

Second step, figure out some decorations that are portable and not time consuming to put up since it all had to be put in place after bedtime.

I have a hard time toning my creative side down, especially when it comes to birthday magic. So, I probably went a little overboard; buuuuuuut…


The magic must happen guys.

Anyway, back to my mobile decorations. I started with some green, streamer seaweed on the walls. I hung some strands of bubbles and some cute, paper lantern jelly fish from the ceiling. I did actually tone down on the amount of balloons I blew up. I only did six and saved the rest for at home so that the kids would actually get to enjoy them. Then, I finished it all off with a handmade “oFISHially six” birthday sign.

{creating birthday adventures} packed up

It all fit neatly into this box to be hidden in the car and brought along to Atlanta.

To get the bubble garland to travel without tangling up into a huge mess that no one would ever want to deal with especially not this mom at 1am I wrapped the strands around a book and taped the ends of the string down. Yes, you read that correctly, I miss crazy fanatic about her books always staying in pristine shape put tape on my books. I promise you, no books were harmed in the creating of this adventure.

{creating birthday adventures} makeshift spool

Then, after the littles finally fell asleep, mommy got to work creating this under water scene. Two of the three fell asleep at midnight, Bug was still up and watched mommy quietly decorate until after one.

Instead of a cake, I made cookies! Tiny, little, colorful jellyfish!

{creating birthday adventures} jellyfish cookies

They were tedious; but oh so worth it! They also traveled easily.

Little Miss is still asking where her cake is. *insert eye roll here*


Because it is January.

And that means that there are TWO birthday adventures to be had.

I decided I would update last week’s post with this past weekend’s birthday adventure.

And this one was certainly and adventure. Due to a rainy, rainy forecast in Atlanta we decided to tweak our plan of going to the zoo in Atlanta and instead head south to the Jacksonville Zoo. It ended up being about half the drive and ten degrees warmer! And no rain! Good life choice.

It did take some last minute changes to make it work. I had planned for a fun zoo animal food scavenger hunt for our Hungry, Hungry Hungry Hippo’s third birthday. I researched which animals were in the Atlanta Zoo, picked five, and then researched their diets to pick a kid friendly snack. The two zoos have different animals, so when we decided to change it up last minute it meant that I had to look up the animals at the new zoo and tweak accordingly. Not too hard!

The kids really loved the random snacks they got throughout the zoo!


We started the day at home, so there was no need for traveling decorations this week. However, we did take the cake on the move and some of the party animals came along for the adventure. And then it made the trip back because we ended up not doing the cake at the zoo… oh well!

{creating birthday adventures} party animals{creating birthday adventures} traveling cake

It’s been a great couple of birthday adventures these past two weekends! And now this mom gets a six month break before she has to get to work on Little Bear’s birthday.


Didn’t it turn out cute?! Have any of you guys ditched the party and done an adventure instead?! Did your kids appreciate it or wonder where their party was?! When’s the next birthday in your house?!


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