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{creating floral bunny ears}

This may just be wishful thinking; but soon it will be spring and with spring comes the bunny who hands out eggs. Just a little bit confusing so we just won’t think about that part too hard.

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Want to create bunny ears for you or your littles?!

I made some super cute floral ears! And the best part? All the supplies could be found at The Dollar Tree, making it inexpensive! Added bonus, it took me under ten minutes to create!

{creating bunny ears} supplies

All you need is…

{creating bunny ears} ears

First, you need to do is fold your pipe cleaner in half and twist the bottom so that they look like ears. Then hot glue the ends to the head band, spaced about an inch apart.

{creating bunny ears} finished

Then, take your flowers and glue them around the ears in any way that looks good to you!

{creating bunny ears} little miss bunny

Lastly, get your little to don the little ears and voila!

It is such a fun, quick craft for you and your littles to enjoy!

It took me longer to write this post then it did to create the headband. And so far it is holding up to chaos that is Little Miss’s brothers. #win

You can also go to your local Dollar Tree for other Easter crafts and for Easter basket fillers! That way you don’t have to spend a fortune on trinkets and goodies that go missing, break, or that they lose interest in within five minutes of opening.

Do you have any cute, easy bunny crafts?! What do you put in your family’s Easter baskets?!


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