{manic mom-days}

{getting in & out of the car in the winter}

We have talked about the joys of the long winter months with cooped up, antsy kids. On of the other joys of winter is getting kids in and out of your car.

It’s 5° outside and you have to run errands.

With your littles.

It may go something like this…

You don’t have remote start or your dumb remote start won’t work so you throw some boots on and a jacket and you brave the cold to start your car, blast the knobs towards high heat and high fan, turn your amazing seat heater on, and trudge back into the house. Where, inevitably, there’s a screaming baby or spilled milk or a somehow newly pantsless kid running around.

You fix whatever new problem has appeared and then you start putting on the warm layers. You put their boots on, wiggle their fingers into their gloves and curse the day you chose gloves over mittens, tuck them into their coats, pop their hats on and head out the door. With a quick stop to get whatever toy it is that they just have to have.

You get your little to the car and have to stand them up to slip their jacket off before buckling them into their seats. (I understand the rule about them not wearing their big, bulky jackets in their carseats; but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t frustrate me) Then you have to repeat this with all of your other littles.

You hit the road and get to the store you needed to get to. You open the back door and hang your head in dismay at the site of the gloves and hats and boots that are now strewn about your vehicle. You reapply all of the winter attire, unbuckle, and put their coat back on. You then battle over whatever thing or things it is that they need, need, need to take in with them. And then it’s into the store you go.

It is inevitably warm in the store you are in, so the jackets, hats, gloves all come off. And when it’s time to leave it goes back on. Only to walk out to the car to take it back off.

Then you drive to your next stop and react something like this…

…because you will go absolutely crazy if you have to put a coat on one more time!

Or you can be a bad mom like me and forgo the jacket shenanigans altogether and just walk very quickly to the door.

Or just stay home and order all things online forever and ever and ever.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!

What’s your favorite part of getting in and out of the car with your littles? Is your process as crazy as mine sometimes is?!


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