work trip wednesdays

{work trip wednesdays: my daddy sleeps everywhere}

Well, we survived the first week.

The kids are super excited about the book pile! They don’t quite understand the whole just one a week bit; but excited nonetheless.

Our first book was…

 My Daddy Sleeps Everywhere

My Daddy Sleeps Everywhere by Jesse Franklin.*

This book is SO cute!

Not only is it perfect because, like any soldier, their daddy really can sleep EVERYWHERE. The car, the floor, a desk chair, in the middle of a conversation…

But this book ALSO rhymes! Which is like one of my all time favorite qualities in a book. I can’t be the only weird person who finds satisfaction in perfectly rhymed words.

It’s all about all the places a soldier may be sleeping while away from home.

{work trip wednesdays} my daddy sleeps everywhere 6

And it ends on a sweet note of where daddy’s favorite place to sleep is.

Little Miss is quite smitten with this book and has already memorized most of it. Bug and Bear also love it. We have read it almost every night since it was unwrapped.

We have some stuff to send daddy, so we decided to do some artwork!

{work trip wednesdays} my daddy sleeps everywhere 1

I asked Little Miss and Cuddle Bug to color a picture of where they think daddy sleeps.

They were excited to make something for daddy and happily began coloring away.

{work trip wednesdays} my daddy sleeps everywhere 2

Evidently, Bug thinks daddy is sleeping in a giant fish. He wouldn’t let me photograph the end result because…three year olds…

{work trip wednesday} my daddy sleeps everywhere 3

Little Miss somewhat copied a page from the book; but apparently daddy is in a forest that has moose, bears, and…armadillos living in it. Not sure where in the wild that happens; but sounds pretty cool to me!

And yes, her dad could probably sleep with a bear that close to him.

One book down, one week down!

Have you read this book?!

*click on the title or the photo and it will link you to the book! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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