{ten of my favorite bookish “quotes”}

As an avid believer in Pinterest and all the amazing things that it has to offer, I have come across a lot of bookish related quotes.

I have picked ten of them to share with you here!

I even had some fun with it and got crafty by taking a sharpie and writing each of them to share with you guys. Because, you know, I have all the free time. I probably should have just read instead…

Oh well!

Here’s some pretty, bookish quotes for you.

{bookish quotes} one

what is a bookshelf...

How true is this?! I love reading all sorts of different books and exploring new authors. My treasure chest would have dragons and heroes and magical wardrobes and talking animals and wizards. I mean there would also be some scary and sad things in there; but we can pretend we just remember the magical things.

{bookish quotes} two

the way you treat...

Coming from someone who does not particularly enjoy lending her books out, I totally agree. If I lend a book to you I better get it back in the same condition! And even more importantly, I better actually get it back!

Also, how you treat anything that someone is kind enough to lend to you says a lot about you.

{bookish quotes} three

the world belongs...

Opening books opens whole worlds to you. You can travel through snow covered Narnia, ride dragons with Hermione, lay back in the tall grass of the Shire, and so much more.

Not only can you travel to worlds entirely created by magical beings (also known as authors), you can also travel the actual globe. There are books about every far corner of the world. No place is too remote. That’s the magic of books.

{bookish quotes} fourbook was better

I mean…does this even need further explanation?

The book is ALWAYS better.

And no that does not just apply to movies.

{bookish quotes} five

every child needs...

This could probably just say “Every person…” because is the need for a librarian really something you age out of?

But, I do get the importance of a child having a great librarian. A great librarian will either make or break a lifelong reader.

{bookish quotes} six

i wish my passport...

It would be so cool to have it written down or stamped somewhere collected in a little, laminated, blue book* all the places you have been to by way of an author and a book. I wish I had a record of all the books I had ever read…

*sorry, inside joke, just wondering if certain people i love are reading this*

{bookish quotes} seven

without libraries...

This is so true. Books hold our past and they mold our future.

I hope libraries never disappear.

{bookish quotes} eight

if i had a dollar...


My library would be so much bigger!

It would be the best way to make money. Ever. Well, maybe second only to getting paid to read books. Or write books. OK so maybe not the best job ever; but still really high up there.

Basically, if I could have a super power, this would be it. Are you allowed to get paid for super powers?

{bookish quotes} nine

a book is a dream...

I just love this. A lot. That is all.

{bookish quotes} ten

get off...

I have definitely practiced this in the past year or so. I have learned to put my phone down and close my computer and pick up a book. And it has been glorious! So much has been read!

And on that note, GO AWAY AND READ!

Or maybe leave a comment before you run off to your book…

Do you have a favorite bookish quote?! Do you like these ones as much as I do?! Am I the only nerd out here?!



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