{manic mom-days}

{mom’s birthday}

So, I have had this whole post typed up and scheduled to go live this morning for over a week, and then *enter Little Miss*…

Friday after school she was sitting in the kitchen trying to come up with “themes” for my birthday. She wanted help; but didn’t want help from me, and she was getting frustrated. So, I called my sister and between her and my mom they made Little Miss’s party planning a success!

After hours and hours of phone calls and Facetime sessions over the course of the weekend, diligent note taking, some quick Amazon ordering, and a well-timed visit from my brother – this mom awoke to Little Miss’s version of some Birthday Magic this morning.


I caught snippets of her conversations and snuck her notes to keep forever.

{mom's birthday} notes 1

“mom do not pick up this paper”

She didn’t want me to sneak a peak at all of her notes before the surprise!

I don’t fully understand all of her thought process; but it’s the thought that counts! And there was a whole lot of thought!

{mom's birthday} decorations 4

There was a fake tree with a little deer and three yellow birds. I think the deer was because of the little baby deer I fell in love with and watched grow in our old neighborhood. Not positive though.

{mom's birthday} box of horses

A box of horses! *If you know my mom you can imagine my fear in finding a box with air holes poked in the sides of it among the things she sent!*

A BIG box of books!

She also needed me to have “twister tongues”! And I absolutely adore that she calls tongue twisters “twister tongues! It is just so fitting.

She requested that I sleep on the couch last night and before bedtime she decorated my room with ribbon and streamers and birthday signs!

{mom's birthday} decorations 3

This was Cuddle Bug’s contribution to the party decorations.

My mom even sent down a cake so that I wouldn’t have to make my own!

Finally, Addison decided that for my special Birthday Dinner I would want she would want chicken curry. So that’s what we had for dinner.

It was a great day and I am super grateful for this strong-willed daughter of mine!

She certainly knows how to push all of my buttons and then reel me back in with the love.

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!

What are your birthday traditions?! Do you keep you birthday simple or still do it up big?!


6 thoughts on “{mom’s birthday}

  1. Made me cry… l love your mom and brother’s involvement (that started me crying), but most of all the tender heart and planning Addison put into it. The planning notes and balloons in your room really made me cry. You’re clearly modeling “party planning with love” when you do their parties, and the “lesson” has not been lost on your girl! I also love that you slept on the couch! What a good mom you are and what sweet, sweet kids you have! Sounds like it really was a special day! 🎉🎈


    1. it was a great day!! and it makes me happy to see how much she enjoys what i do for her on her birthday!


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