{creating a fairy lantern}

The little girl in my house has a love for fairies.

So, I decided to create a cute little nightlight to sit on her cute not so little tree book shelf.

All you need to create your own is…

I perused Google for some fairy silhouettes and found this one…

fairy silhouette

I loved the flower because it is so Little Miss. Our little flower child.

{creating a fairy lantern} painted jar

I took an empty glass jar that had sauce or coconut oil or something or other in it at one point. Then I grabbed the paint and coated the inside of the jar with it.

{creating a fairy lantern} fairy

While that was drying, I printed out the fairy and cut it out. Making sure to be extra careful with the wings and intricate areas. And then not being careful enough and cutting through in a couple spots…oooops.

{creting a fairy lantern} glued in fairy

Once the fairy was cut and the paint dry i dabbed some glue onto the purple side of the fairy and stuck her to the inside of the glass. I held it in place to be sure it was secured to the jar.

I popped the tea light in and Voila! Done!

{creating a fairy lantern} lit lantern

Isn’t it adorable?!

Such a fun, quick, easy creation!

Do you have a fairy lover in your house?! Where will you keep your little fairy?!

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