{manic mom-days}


Don’t you just love trying to accomplish something while getting bombarded with questions, requests, flying objects, messes, and about a million other things?

It’s just the best.

Said no one ever.

Obviously, some days I get to get through dinner without chasing down the Tupperware knapper. Most of the time though, cooking in this house can be quite chaotic.

I am answering question after question from Little Miss.

I am trying to stop Bug from taking all the toys from Bear.

I am dodging the toys that Bear is angrily chucking because Bug won’t play fair.

I am stepping over the dog who is just trying to sneak in a nap.

Then I am stepping over Bear who just wants to be held.

I am finding a specific piece of paper that Little Miss just has to have right now!

I am getting Bug ice water because water without ice isn’t really water at all.

I am closing the Tupperware drawer for the eightieth time.

I am letting the annoyed dog outside.

And somehow, amongst all of this, dinner is being chopped, stirred, sautéed, microwaved #noshame.

Somehow dinner gets to the table only for them to take two bites, proclaim they no longer like chicken nuggets, and then say they’re starving five minutes later. *insert eye roll here*

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!

What’s dinner time like in your house?!


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