{manic mom-days}


Being in the military means a lot of moving, among other things of course.

Moving with kids is hectic.

I think keeping them entertained was the most challenging part.

With moving comes packing, and packing means boxing up the toys and the movies.

And apparently without these two things life is “TERRIBLE!” This is currently Little Miss’s favorite word and this mom loves it so much. She said sarcastically.

I picked certain toys to travel with us, a little bit of everything.

  • some cars
  • some blocks
  • a few coloring books
  • a couple animal figurines
  • a stuffed animal for each
  • you get the idea…

Then, once the house was void of all things, I went and bought two bags of ball pit balls.

These were a blast.

For about five seconds…

*insert eye roll here*

Then they were fun again when mom let them unleash them in her car while driving to our new location. It was especially fun when mom had to open the door at a rest stop and they all came spilling out in the parking lot. And then even funnier to watch mom and dad scurry to pick them all up!

They think once we are out of the car all the moving is done!

Buuuuut, not so much.

We then have the hotel phase while we wait for a house. Hotels are great and all; but that magic dies out after about ten minutes of having five people and a dog crammed into one room.

After the much too long of a hotel stay we have the joys of packing everything back up and into the car and getting it into the new house.

And then come the joys of three kids adjusting to a new home and a new routine…

Well, there you have it, it’s been just another Manic Mom-day!


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