work trip wednesdays

{work trip wednesdays: dad and the dinosaur}

This week’s book was…

Dad and the Dinosaur

Dad and the Dinosaur by Gennifer Choldenko & Dan Santat.*

This is a sweet story about a boy who is afraid of the dark; but wants to be brave like daddy. So, instead of avoiding the dark, and other scary things, he takes his dinosaur friend along with him to scare away the scary things.

When the boy loses his dinosaur he has to tell his dad that it is the dinosaur who is brave and adventurous, not him. Instead of the dad thinking his son silly for relying on a toy to feel safe he took him out and helped search for his toy. In the end, it was their little secret.

{work trip wewdnesdays} dinosaur 4

With this book came some conversations with the older two littles.

The first conversation was about things that scare them…

  • the dark
  • monsters
  • sewers
  • mean dinosaurs
  • pitch black
  • snakes
  • dolls (i really cannot blame her there…)

I dove a little deeper and asked for more specifics.

What about the ‘pitch black’ scares you?

I think there are monsters, skeletons, zombies…monsters that are going to take me.

Why do snakes scare you Bug?

Because they are white and blue. He said it with so much conviction; but I don’t get it. Kids are weird man.

Then I asked them about what makes them feel safe.

  • my bear
  • my night light
  • the dog
  • my stuffed animals
  • mommy & daddy

Why do those things help you feel safe?

My bear protects me if a robot is biting me.

Oh the wonders of the three year old’s mind.

Because all those things scare away the monsters, zombies, the ghosts, and…I don’t want to say it…the you know what…starts with a V…

My nerdy brain wanted to shout ‘Voldemort?!’

But I know she means vampires.

We were watching one of those discovery channel, world’s deadliest animals episodes and one was a vampire fish and they put in some clips of the original Dracula and ever since Little Miss has been terrified of vampires.


I mean, that is pretty terrifying.

To a six year old.

So, I get it.

We decided to play around with shadows to show how some normal things can look scarier at night than they really are.

We took a flashlight and pointed it at different toys causing huge shadows to be cast on their bedroom walls.

We shined the light at (to name a few) a bumble bee…

{work trip wednesdays} dad&dinosaur - shadows3

a horse…

{work trip wednesdays} dad&dinosaur - shadows2

a shrimp…

{work trip wednesdays} dad&dinosaur - shadows1

I tried to be sneaky and not let Little Miss see what I was holding and then they would have to try and guess what was making the shadow. They had so much fun doing this!

{work trip wednesdays} dad&dinosaur - BIG foot

Cuddle Bug thought it was hilarious how big he could make his foot look!

Little Miss loved it so much that she took a turn with the flashlight and had me guess what was making the shadows.

Even Little Bear thought the giant shadows were awesome! I also think he was slightly alarmed by the shadows. There was yelling and throwing of toys at the shadow on the wall. Sweet Little Bear protecting his family.

Seven books down, seven weeks down!

Have you read this book?! Do your kids have any uncommon fears? Or do they have something they like to carry around with them to make them feel safe?

*click on the book cover or title and it will link you to where you can purchase them! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


4 thoughts on “{work trip wednesdays: dad and the dinosaur}

  1. Thanks for sharing into the minds of your kids. Great activity. I love being reminded how a growing mind (kids…and teens!) sees the world. So innocent…and doesn’t always make sense to us grownups with supposedly developed minds. I LOVE KIDS! You are amazing Maggie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww thanks! i am always fascinated by their responses! even though i don’t fully understand it all. thanks for always reading and following along fish!


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