quickly creating

{quick crafts with blissfully creating}

I am starting a fun, little competition to run monthly right here!

Here’s how it works…

One week a month I will post one photo a day for four consecutive days. The photos will be of pieces of a quick craft I am working on.

Each day you will have another clue as to what the quick creation is and each day you are allowed to guess as many times as you like!

But, the guess has to be a comment on one of the daily blog posts where the clue can be found. (if you comment with a guess on Blissfully Creating’s Instagram or Facebook page it will not count)

What’s the prize?!

The first person to guess the craft in progress, be it on day one or on day four (by 11:59pm EST), will win a $5 Starbucks gift card from Blissfully Creating!

The best way to make sure you don’t miss out on a clue and chances to guess is to be sure to subscribe to Blissfully Creating!

After the four photos are posted and the guesses are made, a tutorial will be posted with the finished quick creation on the fifth day.

The goal is for these to be quick, fairly simple creations that anyone can do!

So, stay tuned for the first clue to be posted later today.


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