work trip wednesdays

{work trip wednesdays: llama llama i love you}

This week’s book is…

Llama Llama I Love You

Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney.*

We have always loved Llama Llama Red Pajama by the same author! Our copy is well loved. And this mom pretty much loves any children’s book with rhyming. You cannot hate a book that rhymes! Don’t hold me to that, I have not actually read every book that rhymes ever written; but this could be a fun reading challenge!

Don’t worry guys, this book did not disappoint like last week’s book.

However, I felt pretty confident cracking this one open knowing how much we love the other ones in this series.

I should have known by looking at the cover that this was a Valentine’s Day book; buuuuuut…yeah, this Mom is not always that organized. So we are celebrating Valentine’s Day in April!

Don’t judge me.

It’s a cute little book about creating valentines for friends and loved ones, even ones that aren’t near by.

They even mentioned mailing them out to people! Which the kids thought was a great idea!

{work trip wednesdays} llama llama3

I am sure you can see where this is going…

To send Daddy some love we decided to make valentines or him! In April!

I cut out some big hearts and littered the table with craft supplies.

{work trip wednesdays} llama llama4

Once the scene was set I just let the littles go!

They finished up their valentines and we set them up to dry where the littlest little’s fingers couldn’t get at them.

{work trip wednesdays} llama llama9

After they dried we boxed them up and sent them off to Daddy with lots of love.

Little Miss thought it was kind of fun to celebrate a holiday at a goofy time. And I am fairly certain Dad will not expect to get this kind of surprise in April!

Nine books down, nine weeks down!

eating crayons

And one more picture of our cute Little Bear eating crayons! Sorry, not sorry!

Have you read this book?! Do you enjoy the Llama Llama series too?! Isn’t rhyming like the best thing ever?!

*click on the book cover, or title and it will link you to where you can purchase them! these are affiliate links, so if you make a purchase my blog will make some money and then i can keep on blogging! so that would be awesome!*


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